Importance of Discussing Women’s Rights

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The delegation of Brazil recognizes the urgency of discussing women’s rights and its effects on women. For centuries Gender equality has been a problem, and no country in the world can say they have achieved gender equality. From the wage gaps to the sexual harassment, to the domestic abuse, it is clear that women are not only treated differently, but they are also treated worse. It is estimated that 1 in every 3 women (35%) have experienced either physical or sexual intimate partner violence in their lifetime. Likewise, about 38% of women’s murder is committed by a male intimate partner.

Additionally, worldwide 70% of women experience violence, and this issue pronounces mainly in Latin America. With the high deaths rates in Brazil and countries around it, we recognize the cruciality of this issue and work effortlessly to resolve it, by making laws and policies against the abuse of women. While it is important that we discuss harassment and abuse, many women and girls face many other problems. The wage gap and diseases are only two of the numerous different challenges women have to face every day. It is extremely important that we establish public health care to all girls in need, with the usage of doctors without borders and other NGOs this may be possible.

Brazil has made many efforts to further improve women’s rights and ensure the safety of not only women but also girls and children in our nation. In Brazil multiples laws that aims to protect women’s rights and guarantee their safety have been placed. Brazil’s federal law 11340, also known as Lei Maria da Penha, was one of the laws that intend to reduce domestic violence and impose harsh punishments on those who practice domestic violence against women. Moreover, Brazil has previously formed powerful movements, that benefited the women’s community, and had visible improvement towards Latin America.

One of the movements was the #myfirstharassment campaign, which began two years ago, and addresses many cases of women and girls who silently experience unwanted sexual advances. The delegation of Brazil suggests raising awareness and educating women about the current situation through online campaigns, and NGOs such as teachers without borders. Brazil has not only worked in its own country but has also worked diligently in order to ensure women’s rights globally. Brazil is one of the many signatories in the Beijing platform for action, which is the most progressive blueprint ever for advancing women’s rights.

Our ex-president Dilma Rousseff once said, “I bring you a message of unwavering and firm commitment to implementing the Beijing Platform for Action.” Furthermore, Brazil is also part of the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), which goal is to ensure elimination of all acts of discrimination against women by persons, organizations or enterprises. The delegation of Brazil Recognizes the efforts put in by nations to protect women’s rights, and suggests the establishment of a plan for the care provided to victims of sexual violence by public safety and health professionals, with the usage of NGOs such as doctors without borders, in order to ensure the safety of all women that has once been faced with that challenge.Multiple improvements may be added in order to ensure the peace, and protection of women’s rights.

As stated before the implementation of health care is crucial towards the well being of women. Establishing a working group on health for women with disabilities is also an important step to be taken if we want to provide the same opportunity to all women around the world. Furthermore, granting a six-month maternity leave to all military women is essential to the well being of all women that work hard to protect our countries. Lastly, implementing laws with harsher punishment for those who harm or kill women and girls is vital for the protection of all women.

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