Importance of Communication with Customer

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The communication accomplished makes the relationship between the seller and the buyer much more complete and richer. Each new contact continues to the previous one, exactly at the point where it was previously completed, and the company is able to customize and bring its products and services closer to the specific wishes of each individual customer.

When a customer experiences such a ‘treatment’, he is ready to continue to cooperate with such a company, even when its prices do not contain any discounts or benefits. Amazon and British Airways can serve as a good example. Amazon is the largest seller of books on the web, and its site not only recognizes every ‘old’ customer, (whenever they arrive on the site), but ‘remembers’ areas that the customer was interested in during previous visits, as well as the credit card number or address to which his books are sent.

Not everyone who pays your goods or service is good for your business. There are always manipulators and toxic clients that you want to avoid, no matter how much you need money. These will ultimately cost you, your time and money. You do not have to keep every customer. Better devote yourself to those who are happy and content, than trying to please everyone. This is a very important insight, you can cancel customers who are bad for your business, instead of wasting resources on each of their need. Do not immediately decide that some client is bad. Assess the circumstances well and then decide if you will work with it them or not.

This can vary from client to client, but you will recognize it when you see them. This can be, for example, a client who is looking for instant results and expects to do everything right away, regardless of you and other clients. If you feel that the client is largely unreasonable, it’s time to tell them that you are no longer able to meet their needs, and that it would be best to look for the solution elsewhere.

Welcome to the sad world of service activities. Biggest business evil is a customer who thinks that a person on the other side of the phone or chat is not a human being. If someone abuses your people or makes a business an unpleasant experience, get rid of it. Your company needs employees’ loyalty more than a demanding client who cannot show basic competence.

The customer is spending too much of the company’s time, if someone treats you too often and takes time more than a particular client would need, it may be time for a break. These clients can also be lazy. It’s not a problem to call you and to choke on a simple problem that has already been resolved on your web or you’ve talked about it earlier. They have the potential to drain your resources endlessly if you do not get rid of them.

As much as you need each client, be sure to know who you are getting into business with. Bad client can cost you more than you expect. Make sure your clients are willing to work with you on a professional level. Perhaps some of you devote more effort than they deserve.


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Education should be free because (1) it is a fundamental human right and (2) it is essential for the development of a society.
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