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Impacts of Globalization 

Updated November 13, 2020

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Impacts of Globalization  essay

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Executive Summary

This paper includes the effects of globalization in several aspects, including economic, political, cultural and social. This paper begins with a simple explanation of the workshop and how it was prepared. Followed by a workshop Insight that includes the most important positive and negative points of globalization within what was discussed in the workshop. Finally, the main points we learned from the workshop

Workshop brief

We were informed that we are going to have a discussion work shop. The topic of the discussion work shop was” Impacts of Globalization”. We started to search and prepare for the topic from it different aspects. We discuss as group of five members on what we find later on we classify the impacts as positive and negative impacts. At the end, we share our finding with other groups.

Workshop Insight

The work shop meanly focus on the impacts of globalization. The main areas that we focus on was economic, culture and politics impacts. I believe that we focus on these areas because it is general aspects. The following points will illustrate some of the class discussion and the classification of globalization impacts.

Economic and politics impacts

As one of the groups mentioned, globalization encourages FDI. To follow up with their point, FDI brings a lot of benefits such as easy international trade, employment and economic support, increase productivity and human resource & capital development. Personal and Archive in 2012 find out that there is a positive relationship between FDI and globalization. (Personal and Archive, 2012). In addition, globalization help countries to have economic growth. This growth can be a result of free market trade and increase of competition.

Globalization has brings jobs insecurity. In some developed countries people are losing their jobs due to offshoring. On the other hands, in less developed countries people are finding jobs as result of offshoring.

When the competition in the market increase there is increase in fluctuation in price. For example, US have decrease it prices for some products because China is providing cheaper product with good quality.

With the free market, there has been politics reforms. New politic laws and rules where emerge to adopt the globalization. On the other hand, in some countries the government are losing their national sovereignty. That is due to the power of international organizations, they may affect the government decision. In addition, there is increase in NGO (such as humanitarian assistance, and development efforts ) influence in public policy (Mehlika, 2013)

Culture and social impacts

Globalization has a lot of positive impacts on culture. Globalization has led to diversity of culture, spread of different languages, encourage tourism to learn about other cultures and spread the food from countries to another. In addition, media globalization has led people from every place to know what is happening in the world.

Globalization has affected the national identity in a negative way. A lot of countries their life style is effect by the western life style and ideas. Such as in our society a lot of people are living as western peoples and forgetting their cultures.

Social impacts of globalization is obvious in the changes that happen in life and work of people, families and societies. Globalization has increased women participation and employment in different fields (Mehlika, 2013). In some less developed countries there are some employees are facing social injustice that is due to offshoring that provide them with unfair working condition.

Key Learning

I learned that there are two different perspectives of globalization. Globalization has helped to achieve a lot of pros including free market, technological development, etc. On the other hand, there are the negative effects of globalization, some of which have lost sovereignty, environmental damage, etc. From my point of view, globalization has many positive effects and countries need to know how to exploit these effects in their favor.

Impacts of Globalization  essay

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