How Greece Culture Affect My Life

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As a kid, my parents always told me stories of their times in Greece, the delicious food that they ate, the dances that they went to and the friends that they would have for a lifetime. These stories always made me very excited about visiting Greece myself some day. These stories have also became very influential to my life, making me interested to learn and teach about. Greece has a diverse culture with its own government, dance, music, and religion. Greece has a large variety of Greek dances all around the country of Greece. Some of these being the Sirtaki,Hasapiko,Kalamatianos,Pentozali, and the Tsamiko.

Each of these dances, even though being different, have a common pattern, like kick, kick, step, step, kick, step, behind the legs, then you rinse and repeat. Greek dances are performed for a variety of different reasons. Sometimes just for a community to get together, sometimes for special occasions, and sometimes professionals do it for entertainment. Since Greece has a different type of music, Greece has its own variety of instruments, each with their own type of sound. Some of these include the Dauli (a huge drum) Bouzouki (guitar like instrument.) Tzouras ( longer bouzouki)Lyra Pontos (kinda like a violin mixed with a guitar. ) These are usually played in bands in Greece during festivals. Usually, there is also a singer that also sings the songs as well.

Greece’s government is a parliamentary republic, similar to Britain’s and Canada’s. Greece also almost became a communist country during the Greek Civil War. Greece also has a large variety of important people and places. One of these places is Athens Greece, Greece’s capital. Some famous people from Greek is Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, Phillip, who was a prince of Greece as a child, and famous philosophers such as Plato. One very important thing about Greece’s history is its involvement with the creation of Democracy. In 507 BC(E), Cleitus, a war officer, proposed the idea of a government owned by the people. Having three branches similar to the American government, One being for the president, another for people to justify the fairness of laws, and another to create the laws (greekboston.com.)

In retrospect, Greece has a diverse culture with elements that makes it different in its own way. These being the Greece having a diverse culture with its own government, dance, music, and religion. Even though the days that parents went to Greece we decades ago, those traditions are extremely important to my day to day life. My great grandfather coming to America oh so long ago still has lasting effects in my life. I hope those cultural aspects of Greece that I talked about stick with my kids as well.

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