How Different Parenting Styles Shape Children’s Life

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In the article the author developed a different understanding the importance of different parenting styles with different cultures. With her research she studied different collective views on how each culture raised their kids with parenting styles in the United States. The author did an investigation on how different parenting practice are not the not the same with there was a vital role in how the children came from middle and poorer class cultures and how the children took their behavior in society. She ended up showing that different cultures with different s economic played in an important role on their children’s academics. Also, how the parent’s relationship with one another involved in unequal treatment in the society we call the land of the free.

In the article the author evaluated 5 different cultures and how America influence their parenting style or if they were from a different country played a role in it. Kid that participated in the study were aged 8-11 years old. In the research, the author asked the parents to ask te kids were they wanted to do for fun, and if they can participate most of the children said that they preferred to play by themselves. The research involved the families going to school activities in the afternoon, maybe having a healthcare appointment, hanging with friends, sports when school ends, or parents running errands.

A key point that the author studied was that different cultures had a “directive approach” on how they guide there children. While visiting families of different cultures, she noted that middle class parents are more involved with are very much involved in helping their children reach their goals. With encouragement, they make their children focus on academic studies. These parents always take time to listen to their kids problems and concerns when they have a problem at school, friends or life. These children more comfortable with speaking their opinions and are confident in who they are , it help them to have more self-esteem and developed loving relationships.

– Within the research the author shows that a positive perspective on different culture aspects on whether they can have a positive development start with their children. indicates the importa The writer stated, that several research studies how having a great mental health and relationships with your children help them to become adults in later life. quotes several research studies that confirm a positive.

In conclusion the study showed that parents from different who were with a higher economic status were better at helping their children to succeed to become educational achievers, also if they have a supportive extended family. Lower income families need more guidance and resources to help their children beat a poverty income and low academic performance.

In conclusion, this study showed that class matters more than race but provided limited discussion on the impact of race in children’s lives and their future and lacks the information on the role of extended families in middle class young adults. Lareau recognises that there is a gap in studying the effects of class in children’s lives, positive parenting strategies and inequality due to class and therefore calls for in-depth research in this field.

On the contrary, parents belonging to working class and poor families considered their children now ‘grown ups’ and the young adults agreed to this view. Extended families play an important role in shaping children belonging to working class and poor family children.

In conclusion, middle class children accomplished more educational achievements than the working class and poor family kids. Parenting styles shape children’s lives as they grow into young adults to prepare them for independent successful lives. Overall, an excellent and enlightening study.

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