Hobbies of My Family

Updated April 25, 2022
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Hobbies of My Family essay

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I usually read more too but I read it on my phone, I love reading Webtoon that application is my life, I really confuse what to read but finally, my interest is lean on several books with the same title, the title is Bobo. While I read Bobo, I see my mother read a novel that she said, her friend gives it to her as a present on her 17th birthday, that novel is titled Winter In Tokyo. My dad read a book that he bought from Korea last month, the title is Always With Me. My sister read a book that quite popular among teenager, the title is Dilan 1990. My hobby is collecting comics, at least it became my hobby until Webtoon came to my life. My mother’s hobby is cooking dessert like pie, cupcake, fruit salad or any kind of dessert.

My father’s hobby is playing golf, I don’t know why he loves that game so much, because I think playing golf is like doing something that makes you bored so badly. And the last is my sister’s hobby, she likes to take care of her nails, as she will paint on her nails and even sometimes she asked me to paint on my nails, so I let her and her painting is not bad at all but that is the last chance for her to paint on my nails because I found it really embarrassing for me. Because we found it so boring to do nothing, we doing our hobby, talking to each other, helping our mother and what else we can do? Nothing. So finally we are doing our homework. When I see in the garden, I remembered that I said to my father to change the wall color because the combination is so bad. My father bought the paint but hasn’t used it yet so I decided to work on it now, then I also ask my father to help me. While I’m doing my work, I see my mother and my sister take care of our garden, they cut the weeds, watering the plants, spray the pesticides and so on.

We have so much shopping list but we never buy it because of laziness, most of the items from the list are home needs were already old like curtains, doormats, tablecloth and something like that. Especially me and my sister, I do paperwork that had been delayed there are summer story essays, observation paper and a few pages of math lessons. My sister working on her physics report and research report. Having real family time without being interrupted by phone is really good. Because we do real interaction as to how it supposed to be. We talk a lot about our daily activities, sharing our life problems, doing asking and giving advice and so on.

Usually, we doing that too but in low frequency and now we feel closer and happy. To fulfill our emptiness without the internet, we decided to play Uno game and Monopoly game. We found it very fun to play that game and we spent our time with happiness. We spent our time together by doing a barbeque party, have a lot of conversation and playing monopoly game together. In conclusions, I think life without internet is not as bad as we think, because there are a lot of things, which we can do without the internet. But in addition, having the internet will not make our life worst too. Just be a smart person, by taking the advantages of the internet and don’t forget about our real life.

Hobbies of My Family essay

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