Hero – Person Who Displays Characteristics of Heroism Argumentative Essay

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In Wikipedia, a hero is described as a “Person who displays characteristics of heroism.” A patient that had a successful surgery may percept the surgeon as their hero. A young child may perceive Superman, Spiderman or Wonder Woman as his hero. My point is that the definition varies from person to person, but to me when I’m asked, what is a hero? I’d define a hero as someone who is humble, selfless, and dauntless.

Being humble is an essential part of being a hero. Nobody wants to follow a cocky person. By being humble others have nothing to bring down the hero with. By being humble there is less doubt to whether a person is really a hero. My mom has always shown this trait, and has never put herself above anyone. She did what she needed to do, and she did it for all the right reasons. A true hero does not need to parade themselves or their ideas to anyone.

A hero is selfless. Not one who is inconsiderate or selfish. Like my mom, she is one to put others before herself by grabbing me toilet paper in need despite the fact that there is a chance of stench. If a person is always worrying about his/herself then how are they supposed to influence others? This is what separates a hero from a normal person. My mom sacrificed a lot for my sister and I even though she knew we couldn’t do much for her. Heroes cause people to stop thinking about themselves and to start looking for ways to help.

Heroes are dauntless. Someone who is fearless and determined. I believe that a hero is not born, but made. Thus, in cases of unintentional heroism, where an individual is placed unwillingly in a dangerous situation, a fire for instance, and still tries to rescue another’s life, is an example of heroism. This, I believe, is also true for anyone because I think that each person may become a hero at some point in his or her life.

Therefore, that is why a hero is humble, selfless, and dauntless. Heroism involves selflessness, and requires dedication to helping others without a desire for recognition. This is why we remember such people today and will always remember them as heroes.


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