Greece as a part of the European Union

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Greece is an important part of the European Union. It has many contributions to bring to the union. Greece’s political status, economic status, amd migration patterns all prove why greece is important in the European Union.

Greece’s current political status is parliamentary representative democratic republic, which means the prime minister ( Alexis Tsipras) is the head of their government, since 2015. Tsipras is not addressing some problems that greece has although he is not trying to avoid problems in Greece, he is trying to fix the economy before anything else to get the country back on track. Some early elections next year (2019) may be foreshadowing greece’s economy recovering.

The government could capitalize and help stop a another bailout that greece will have, this will lead to more alliances. News going around Greece’s name has lead to talk about “grexit” which is Greece leaving the European Union. The prime minister Tsipras has tried to take away the chaos about grexit and has shed more light on Greece’s high tourism industry to help countries gravitate towards Greece’s pros and not cons. The tourism industry is very large in Greece and Tsipras wants to spread the talk of tourism to hopefully use this to calm the large debt the crashing country has.

Large debt is not a qualification that gains attention is a good sense. Yes, Greece has a large debt with the European Union, about 317 million dollars, little for the United States but a large number for a small country. With a population of 10 million people, the economic inefficiencies grew a lot. The European Union has given millions to Greece in hopes of helping the economy and it is not all for nothing, Greece has really been trying to heal the economy.

Another reason for greeces debt would be the high unemployment rate, at a whopping 25.6% while the average of the EU countries is down 15.6% at 9.8% of the average unemployment rate in the Union. This leads to how Greece is using their International loans, a huge part of the debt crisis is from international loans. Greece is using these loans to help boost their economy and get rid of debt. Although the country misses many deadlines, the reasons are not head shaking, Greece is using the money to help with unemployment and to help immigrants coming towards the country. Aid from the European Union has not helped much.

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