Globalization in America

Updated May 14, 2022

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Globalization in America essay

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The reason why there is so much wealth and poverty is due to numerous reasons but it dates back all the way back to 1492 with America’s 16th century globalization. The capital and modern system was the biggest moment in colonization, because the land was taken away by Spain and Portugal. This epidemic was destroying the economy and depriving the livelihood of countries and cities all over the world but especially in Bolivia, San Paulo, and Kenya. Many of these indiegous lands were taken away, basically stolen by their government officials or higher officials, and wealthy landowners. The natural economy was being destroyed, and that caused plantation and mine workers to stay in that area and not expand because they needed the money for food and shelter. Due to colonization expansion, money/ wealth grew rapidly, but the money was not going to these families. They were extremely richer than any of the surrounding families because they were commodity buyers, they got their wealth off these innocent people and their families and it destroyed social and cultural structure. Individual interests and Primitive accumulation depended on sources that were hard to make living off to support their family, majority of these families lived in slum areas, and would go days without food because the money would need to go to other important priorities. Ports, industrial companies owe huge debts and did not have the money to pay it back which was causing the downfall of oil prices, the citizens would have to come up with the money to pay them back, not the government.

The policy changes in the film were to reduce tax, colonial labor laws, and classic imperialism. To reduce tax was supposed to help these low income communities save money for other necessary items such as medicine, food, clothing, and water to help their families that are big or small. The colonial labor laws were meant to seem as if it was a helpful law, but it is not, it more of a slave law, all debts must be transferred, days without no pay, and many children on of these families did not attend school or get to receive an education until debts were paid off, the whole family including children had to go to work. Classic imperialism helped increased trade, which was another helpful way to gain money through overseas negotiations and it also reduced tax as well. The only downfall is private companies extracting the money to the people and the process was treated unfairly.

The value of selfishness is the main idea that big private companies/their own government is taking advantage and privatizing how money, land, water, and other main resources that many live and depend on. The value to equal money distribution, laws that state all children should attend schools, land that is being used by big companies should ask permission first,and all money gained from that process should be split with the landowners not the government, and getting paid should be give daily, weekly, or every two weeks because it should never surpass 1 month because it explained in the documentary that some would go without pay for up to 7 months that is horrible living conditions for them especially if they have children.

The documentary made me feel very sad and emotional, growing up as a child I lived in section 8 housing and I’ve seen some crazy stuff but now that I am older, I know the struggle of how my parents were living on a check by check wage, and on food stamps. I think it is an issue that needs to be a main priority because America has one of the biggest poverty rates along with other countries. I would stop attending “black friday ”, if it meant the downfall of poverty/ homelessness levels. Global Citizenship is the best way forward for example in Bolivia, society standing in solidarity with each other to fight the government for taxing water, the price went up twice as much, and many could not afford it. We need water to survive, and watching privatization be destroyed because of everyone working together is what the world needs to see and act upon.

Globalization in America essay

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