Gender Roles and Identities in Society

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Gender roles and identities are acquired from the environment. Parents are considered the most influential factors in the social development and skills of their children. Sexual orientation is the most basic method that parents use to develop social wellbeing of their children. For example, play toys and materials can influence children’s orientation and cause stereotypes that have lived from generation to generation. The play toys and materials children are exposed to can shape the child’s behavior, beliefs and attitude in both negative and positive ways. Overall this can determine the interpersonal and intrapersonal skills that children develop as they transition into adulthood.

Gender inequality is faces in many countries. Media is a big factor in gender inequality. Media has become a custom and taken over many cultures. Media has unfortunately created a lot of inequality throughout the world and has made a big impact on both sexes. Women however are most affected. For example, in some movies media has portrayed female characters as immoral in the sense that they portray a lot of skin which creates a lot of body image issues and insecurities. Many girls look at magazines and want to look like all the photoshopped models, or be the pretty popular girl in the movies that gets all the boys. Of course, some boys do the same however, it is more common in females.

Gender typing has caused society to expect each gender to act and become a certain way. For example, women are expected to be nurturing, expressive about their feelings and readily show emotions, whereas men are expected to take charge, be strong and think logically. While many belong to female and male categories, transsexuals are both sexes and may identify as more male or more female. Thus, can cause great anxiety and confusion on a society that expects everyone to adopt a mole or female gender role.

In some societies it is seen that men are individual and fight for themselves where as women stay and work together. In some society’s women are not seen as individuals, but as just a woman with a job of procreating and preforming domestic house chores. Men are seen as leaders and heroes. Some men portraying the role of being individual feel they have to be individual otherwise they look weak or incapable, while women are “not intelligent” and must depend on others for support and answers. All in all, men and women go through a constant competition of one upping each other when really, they should work as equals.

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