Gender Equality for Women Argumentative Essay

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Where men and women get treated differently in living, jobs and financial pay. Is found everywhere including Australia, the discrimination of women at work and the current Australian national pay gap of 14.1% that exist between men getting paid more than women. Yet, the Australian population contains 50.7% of women and girls. Gender inequality is vastly seen in industries, occupation, and manager categories with 88% of Australians agreeing that gender inequality is still seen as a problem, a problem that needs to be solved now.

Hi, my name is Susanne Moore and I am here from Economic Security for Women (ES4W) to give my say to Australian men in work areas with women, about how gender equality can help women experience better lives within society and economics. How it can give women less stress and time on unpaid care work. Have the same level of independence, security, and power as men and decrease the likelihood of poverty in retirement years. Women like me need distributive justice to defeat the outtakes of the pay gap and it can’t be done without men like you to understand and accept the concepts. Because becoming equal can make lives become fair. If there is to be an equal gender pay for jobs in Australia, then there should be an equal amount of performance on unpaid care work at homes too.

On average, women perform about 64% of 1 working week performing unpaid care work; such as caring for a family member or a child or even for a friend with a disability. However, men only perform unpaid care work an average of about 34%, half of the time of what women spend. The stereotypes of women doing all the household work and cleaning being a female’s responsibility are far from what could be known as equal because men just believe it is optional to be done for themselves. So, does that mean men are lazy? Do all men just care about their paid work and nothing else? Although us women do dominate in caring roles and men in management roles, a way to close the pay gap is for both genders to be encouraged into working equally in numbers in the roles which can help with the future of gender equality. With equal gender pay would help women have more independence, security, and power.

With the low lifetime earning that women are still earning makes everyone gets affected financially causing an impact overall on the economical part of Australia. Women are now able to vote like men from the year 1902, but women are still not able to get the same pay as men now. Our power needs to grow more in political and economic ways for Australia, you need us to help with the improvements, but you men just can’t seem to realize what positive developments can be created by us!

Women don’t want to work and not get a say for what is best, instead, we want what is right, what is equal. We need more power for distributive justice for women to get what can become a positive impact for all work areas and individuals, not just for women but also for you men. Equal gender pay would even mean that women won’t likely experience poverty during retirement years.

Throughout the years of 2015 and 2016, the average Australian woman was reaching retirement with about $113,660 less superannuation than the average man, which would then make women rely on their Age Pension. However, 60% of women between the ages of 65 to 69 don’t have superannuation at all. Imagine walking through the streets seeing more and more women begging for money, seeing us in poor condition. That tells us that the gender pay gap is causing lifestyle problems to women, that all of this has proven that it has been going for years and little actions are taking place to change the way of the gender pay. So, what can you do to help?

With the use of distributive justice can help with the decrease of poverty, help Australian women have a stress-free life and enough money for a living just like men. Altogether, as a result, it would help women and men become economically equal with distributive justice taken into thought about the factors. Men don’t usually see the struggles women go through in the pay gap, but you can help with the understanding if more actions take place, the pay gap needs to close, make it a myth in Australia and have gender equality and no inequality.

Therefore, no gender pay gap will mean both genders can have a financial and fair life. So please don’t forget about women in your work areas and understand that equality is the key to better lives for everyone. Thank you for taking a moment to think about the issue of gender inequality.


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