Gender Diversity 

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What is diversity to me? Diversity to me is more than ethnicity and culture. In our society it is a state of mind. As a diverse community we all need to recognize and identify our individual differences, we need to understand that everyone is unique. Diversity can be a controversial topic that has its advantages; such as different perspectives that can also enhance team creativity. In the book “Fusion” it states, “The fact is that if you want to build teams or organizations capable of innovating, you need diversity” (Katherine 484). By all means diversity is everywhere and it is needed to increase work performance.

Diversity can be managed by, improving sexism in our society and start with equality between a male and a female. Women are constantly being told that because they are females, they are not capable of certain things. Gender diversity causes discrimination and inequality in a women’s everyday life. Due to today’s society sexism has been a problem, Women get treated differently or less simply because they are females. For instance, males get paid a bigger wage than females, if both genders were to do the same labor work why should their wage depend on their sex? Alternatively, males tend to be sexist towards women because they believe women are meant to be housewives and not do labor work.

In the song “Black or White” by Michael Jackson, it states “Boy is that girl with you Yes we’re one in the same” (Michael Jackson, “Black or White”); the message of this song to me is that a male and a female are meant to be equal and not to be looked upon differently. When it comes to problems men and women can come together and solve each other’s differences by understanding one another’s strengths. In the “Fusion” book it said, “People who are different from one another in race, gender, and other dimensions bring unique information and experiences to bear on the task at hand” (Katherine 484).

This quote demonstrates that people who are different from one another can come together to solve any situation. Not to mention, gender discrimination can affect our daily lives, it can make us feel uncomfortable in our own work environment. Gender diversity needs to be managed for a more social and understanding organization. If it’s not improved a lack of communication will then be developed within our workplace, more people will then feel unimportant. A women’s opinion is just as important as men. Women have the right to speak their mind without having to be distinguished simply because they’re females.

Moving forward, from personal experience growing up as a teenage Latina, sexism plays a big role in my everyday life. Being in a Mexican household consists of meeting parents’ expectations and going along with their beliefs. As a sister to a male, my parents have double standards. One of the double standards my parents have is when it comes to curfew. My twin brother is allowed to go out at any time and be home whenever he pleases whereas I have to be home before 10 p.m. In my household another double standard is that I am expected to cook and clean while my brother isn’t being told to do anything.

In a Mexican culture feminism is a big part because men expect women to do all the housework. On Monday September 9th, nineteen people attended the English 099-060 class with the results we concluded that our class was culturally diverse. Twelve students completed the survey seven of them being females and five, males. In this survey approximately “4 out of 12 students have reported experiencing sexism/ gender issues” (Diversity Survey, Gallman Witzke). Which demonstrates how in today’s world there are females experiencing sexism in a way. If both males and females were to unite their perceptions, then it will help them understand and communicate their both point of views.

In conclusion, if sexism were to improve gender equality can then be contributed to a better society filled with better relationships between both males and females. If both genders were to listen to one another’s ideas, then they will increase productivity within their work environment. Diversity in general can be a good thing if it’s used the right way; diversity can encourage people to work together to make better decisions or even solve problems within the work ethic. I believe that if diversity progresses, our society would then take to consideration that everyone is unique in their own way; rather than worry about the color of their skin or sexual character.

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What are the benefits of gender diversity?
Gender diversity brings a wider range of perspectives and ideas to the table, leading to more innovative and effective solutions. It also promotes a more inclusive and equitable workplace culture, leading to improved employee satisfaction and retention.
What is gender diversity and why is it important in the workplace?
Gender diversity is the inclusion of people of all genders in the workplace. It is important because it creates a more inclusive environment for everyone, and allows for a greater range of perspectives and ideas.
What is gender diversity and why is it important?
Gender diversity is the inclusion of individuals of different gender identities and expressions. It is important because it promotes inclusion and respect for all.
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