Gender Discrimination in China

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Gender discrimination has been a problem in China since ancient times. The neo-confucianists in the song dynasty put forward the three cardinal principles and the five constant forces to restrain people’s thoughts and behaviors. The principle of husband as wife was one of the contents, which meant that a wife must obey her husband unconditionally, otherwise she would be regarded as a violation of ethics.

In the qing dynasty, women were also required to bind their feet. Although this was harmful to women’s health, there were still many women who bound their feet. There were two reasons. One was that women had to obey the orders of the men in the family. In Chinese characters, gender discrimination against women is also reflected. For example, derogatory terms such as ‘rape’, ‘prostitute’, ‘slave’, ‘envy’, ‘prostitute’ and ‘prostitute’ in Chinese characters are all composed of female characters. It can be seen that since ancient times, the status of Chinese women is very low.

Although the People’s Republic of China has celebrated its 70th anniversary and China’s economy, politics and ideological culture have developed rapidly, sexism still exists and the idea of male superiority to female inferiority has not been eradicated. In some poor areas, people are still influenced by the traditional ideas of feudal society, which leads to many families still think that only men can pass on the family.

In some developed cities, the idea of gender equality is not necessarily very popular. Many companies have a lot of ‘hidden rules’ for women when hiring, which makes it more difficult for women to find jobs or get promoted than men. As a woman, I think the phenomenon of gender discrimination against women in the society is worth studying. Although there is no absolute justice in the world, we can at least try to find ways to reduce the negative effects of gender discrimination.

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