Freud on the Values of Life

Updated May 6, 2022

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Freud on the Values of Life essay

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It seems Freud believed that there are many people who miss the true value of life by seeking power, he also believed however that some people were able to look for other things in life. He describes his own friend as a good man, who told Freud about ‘It is a feeling which he would like to call a sensation of ‘eternity’, a feeling as of something limitless, unbounded’ another word used is ‘Oceanic’. His friend told him about feeling both un-tethered and connected to everyone and thing. While it wasn’t a sanctioned belief, it was part of the energy and religion of every church. He did mention the feeling, though he also mentioned he was not able to feel it for himself.

Despite not having the experience, he does not discredit others or their belief in that feeling. He mentioned that at pinnacle of love the lines between ego and evidence blend. The person in love claims “I” and “you” are the same and they need to behave that way. He presents the claim that what people think is an oceanic feeling is just their blend of love and an infantile state where they find comfort from their mothers are felt together and that is what creates that feeling. In the second chapter he talks about religion filling the natural need for a powerful father who cares. He refers to this as a “Foreign to reality” he talks about truly seeing it as sad that many people won’t be able to see past that illusion. As a scientific man, he believed that other like-minded individuals had no right to take from common people their religion.

Religion, in Freud’s view, gives the people their purpose, which is to ‘satisfy the pleasure principle. In the Lopez 2 third chapter, he summarizes the three sources of suffering. Which are as follows, 1.) Nature is overpowering, 2.) The body is weak and decays, and the worst being 3.) What humans themselves have created as a defense: Civilization or the Relations with other people. He felt it would be better for people to be living in a primitive state. He mentioned that the ‘original personality has not been tamed yet because the society grows as we do. Freud talks about how civilizations evolved from love and need in primal man. There need to breed translated to love and there necessity was protection from the environment and other humans.

Freud on the Values of Life essay

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