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Cell phones are vital, and a must-have for each person. It’s important that we stay connected to the people we love even if we are a distance away. With the broad range of mobile phone use, you cannot only call or convey text message but also capture video and photos into it. That’s why the government ensures that these mobile phones are available to any individual who wants it.

There are services and strategies which are existing that the government executes guaranteeing every person to have these mobile phones at convenient and affordable price. Alongside this, there are cell phone firms that collaborated with the government to make these mobile phones easily purchased with discounts and promos which they offer to those subscribing to these services.

You may not be capable of affording to buy mobile phones. However, there are many ways in which you can buy these mobile phones effortless without spending lots of cash and attempt as required. Therefore, if you’re wondering which free government phone is the best, below are some of the best free executive cell phones.

Boost Mobile

Boost mobile provides some of the ideal and affordable mobile plan facilities in the US. The firm has astounding home plans which can be more appropriate for each person. It has incredible rates in conformity with hotspot tethering.

The sixty dollars unlimited plan is the lofty plan which consumers can acquire the opportunity to have limitless high definition streaming with twenty gigabytes mobile data beneath a fourth generation long-term evolution network. Additionally, for a monthly hundred dollars, boost mobile will offer you unlimited gigabytes. That’s if you’ve got four sim cards.

Access Wireless

If you’re still wondering which free government phone is the best, then you ought to know that access wireless has become a significant manufacturer of free government cell phones. They provide lifeline assistance to regions such as California, Delaware, Arkansas, Colorado, and Alabama.

Apart from California, all the states mentioned, you’ll be able to acquire a free smartphone, two hundred and fifty voice minutes, and limitless texts every month. The plans may differ on your state and what you may be searching for. The firm offers data & talk text plans. With these plans, you’ll get five hundred megabytes of data, a hundred voice munites each month, and unlimited texts.

American Assistance

One distinctive truth about this firm is that it provides complete countrywide coverage. It’s the brand tag of lifeline assistance free executive cellphone provided by America broadband telecommunication. The firm is today operating on making free government mobile phones accessible to sixteen states to enhance its coverage.

Once you obtain a free smartphone, you’ll acquire free five hundred monthly munites, five hundred free texts of communications, and a monthly one gigabytes of data. The excellent thing about this firm is that it has plainly expressed that the cell phone is free. Therefore, no buy is required, no monthly charges, and no contracts.


Until now, there are still many people bewildered concerning what free government cell phone means. Some are scared of using these services provided by the government believing that it will place them in debt or it’s only another hoax or scam. But you do not have to worry because there are about twelve to fifteen million US residents who are today using this free government phone services.

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