The Importance of Using Modern Teaching Strategies

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Institute, hanged out with my roommates, travelled with native speakers around Florida and attended many free toastmasters and meetings by using Meet up and Facebook applications. I also joined two book clubs in UCF and university of Florida. Moreover, she asked me to write an essay for each video of Ted Talk to improve my writing skill. Additionally, the projects and essays that I wrote in the ELI classes and leadership classes.

With the god help, I really improved all the skills, and got the benefit of my hard working at the first months. I will definitely apply all used strategies to improve my student skills in my school in the KSA. I got many beneficial ways throughout observations of my teachers in ELI and the teachers in OCPS, so I will be ready to improve my students’ skills and break the barriers and limitations.

In KSA, a lack of using modern learning strategies, which leads some students to feel bored of English classes, is noticed. Without a doubt that traditional teaching strategies are not effective in the learning process anymore. Meanwhile, the latest studies confirmed that modern strategies and using technology in the classroom are preferred way to teach especially with the excessive using of technology. Moreover, it helps the teacher and the student to get the information easily. We have facilities that encourage us to apply the best modern strategies, but we need to know more about the way of implement them.

I observed how American teachers revived the teaching process through simulation and collaborative/active learning methods and using technology. They also applied some learning methods which are based on the students’ interests. I actually observed my teachers in ELI and found that all of them follow the active learning and self-study. Furthermore, I found that OCPS follow the same strategies used in ELI. Three conferences were attended that related to the education and participated in some workshops of using collaborative learning and technology.

Based on that, I am going to apply collaborative learning in all the classes that I teach because I realized that it is the best and easiest way to get information. I will design workshops for my colleagues in several fields. Additionally, I will explain how to use the technology and modern learning strategies in the classroom.

Definitely, the parents’ communication with the teacher is a key factor to build a successful relationship between the student and teacher. It is also one of the basic components to know everything about the student’s life. Meanwhile, it helps the teacher to achieve his goals throughout students’ environment and socio-economic status. I actually believe that one of the main reasons of educational issues in KSA is the lack of direct communication between the teacher and students’ parents. At Orange County Public Schools (OCPS), I observed the teachers in the USA discuss with the parents activities that would be convenient for fostering the students’ individual skills.

Teacher should tell student’s parents the performance level in the classroom. Moreover, he/she asks parents what they can offer to raise the level of their children’s achievement and provide easy and practical suggestions that parents can implement. For instance, I was with history teacher in Winter Park High School and he asked a student to sleep in the classroom if he wanted. I wondered about this situation, so I asked the teacher after the class. He told me that his father had a problem before three

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