How Video Games Can Help to Improve Problem Solving and Creativity

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Parents plead us to get away from our screen and that we should spend our playing outside or pick up a book, but video games are rather good at improving our problem-solving skills, building up friendships and even earning some money. I know it’s hard to get around the fact after listening to your parents for years saying that “

One reason that gaming is more than just a hobby is because it builds up your problem solving skills and resilience. What I mean by this is you can learn from your mistake and often you’ll notice those mistakes right away. For example when you try to jump off a cliff and you can’t reach the other side, you’ll learn that the distance are too long and from that you’ll learn what distances are too long with those jumps, making you try to find another way/ solution. This is an important skill in real life because you know that you can’t just give up on things that easily and that you need find a solution to it.

During gaming you’ll also go through deep practice; this is when you’ll repeat a set of circumstances repeatedly until you get it right. Say if you die during a boss fight, you’ll keep repeating the same process until you eventually get it right. We also learn when to give up because in real life we often keep hitting a brick wall with the same solution of ours without knowing that we can’t solve the problem like that. This is important because in real life we often avoid problems because we think we don’t know how to solve it, but video games teach us that solution are not always obvious and that there is no harm on trying out a few things.

Another reason why gaming is more than just a hobby because it’s a good way to socialise and build friendships. What I mean by this is you get to meet new people around the world just by sitting on your chair and back in the olden days, the only way to meet people from different countries was to pen pal them. For example, gaming lets us engage in a conversation with anyone whether that’s messaging with them or talking to them. This links to the first point I mentioned. Gaming takes skill, coordination and strategy to succeed. Develop ways to outsmart and outwit your opponents this can be planned out during your call and most of the it’s on the fly.

Lastly, gaming is more than just a hobby because being a gamer can be a career. What I mean by this is if someone decides to have gaming to be more than a hobby, then they can they it a shot as a career. For example, now a days you can win significantly amount of money just by playing something you love. You don’t need to be highly skilled to pursue a career in gaming. All you need is your personality and your love for gaming. Plus, after gaming for so long, some people create their own games.

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