Brutality of Police Officers as Social Issue

Updated October 13, 2020

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Brutality of Police Officers as Social Issue essay

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The problem with police brutality is that innocent people are getting beat for no reason. We need to do something about it fast. The first solution is that police’s need to wear body cameras. The second thing is stop using poor people to fatten city budgets, and the last is train police officers to be trained members of the community, not just armed patrolmen. These three solutions going to help because its different form other solutions also not normal.

Police officers must body cams at all time they on duty. The reasons why police should wear this because its increase the safety of the public and police. Individuals act contrastingly when they realize they are being taped – police body cameras can energize great conduct by cops and individuals from people in general, prompting a diminishing in savagery, utilization of power episodes, and assaults on officials on obligation. Second it improves police accountability and protects officers from false accusations of misconduct.

For example, “Texas, a police officer was fired and charged with murder after body-worn camera footage emerged which contradicted his initial statement in the shooting of an unarmed youth” (“Police Body Cameras: Top 3 Pros and Cons”). Police body cameras give visual and soundproof that can autonomously check what occurred in some random circumstance.

The third reason is that its good tool for learning and having strong support from members of the public. Video recorded from police body cameras can be utilized to prepare new and existing officials in how to perform during troublesome experiences with general society. For example, “The Miami Police Department has been using body cameras for training since 2012. Police Major Ian Moffitt says, ‘we can record a situation, a scenario in training, and then go back and look at it and show the student, the recruit, the officer what they did good, what they did bad, and what they can improve on’” (“Police Body Cameras: Top 3 Pros and Cons”). It works in Miami, so we need it to spread worldwide.

Stop using poor people to fatten the city budget! Most courts can trouble an arrest warrant if people don’t exhibit up for their court date for a summons or ticketed violation. The result is humans spending time in jail for no longer paying parking tickets. To make things worse, the exercise is incentivized. Court expenses and added fines for no longer performing in courtroom or paying the authentic ticket often supplement town budgets, no longer to point out these warrants make it truly tough to get a job in order to pay the fines that weren’t capable to pay in the first area because people had no job, and therefore no money.

See the pattern in what’s going on here? According to reporters they say “Pressure lawmakers to eliminate “failure to appear” charges in municipal court (“15 Things Your City Can Do Right Now to End Police Brutality”). Also implement reminder phone calls and free transportation for indigent people with fines where needed (“15 Things Your City Can Do Right Now to End Police Brutality”). Offer options to financial fee neighborhood provider is an option. Implement a device where fines are dictated through people’s precise income level. An cap the quantity of cash a town finances can pull from these fines and fees.

Train the police to be members of the community, not just armed patrolmen! Police are skilled to deal with some difficult situations: humans with guns, humans with knives, vehicle chases, also on foot purists too. Researcher’s say that “that new recruits usually spend about 60 hours learning how to handle a gun” (“15 Things Your City Can Do Right Now to End Police Brutality”). It’s all very real. Another thing that researcher’s say about police is that “they spend eight hours apiece learning how to de-escalate tense situations, or properly handle the mentally ill” (15 Things Your City Can Do Right Now to End Police Brutality”). That the problem right there, police must be skilled on how to improve higher relationships with their communities.

This coaching must contain culture, diversity, intellectual sickness training, childhood development, and bias also racism. If police get right with the community, then everybody’s else going to see how good it is then they going to want to follow. The police are supposed to help people get through their problems.

There in reality is nothing like a good feeling that police got finished doing something to make anybody else’s lifestyles just a little better. True, if people encounter a police officer on the job, they are likely not having a very exact day. But most cops understand that they can have an effect on the result actually primarily based on what they do or how they deal with others.

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Brutality of Police Officers as Social Issue essay

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