Enjoying a Holiday in New York City

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You have the choice of visiting the Upper East Side and enjoy its posh glamour. You can also try the West Village that is full of foreign culture that will always make you feel at home. Examples are the Little Italy, Spanish Harlem and Chinatown. In every corner of New York that you go, you will be welcomed by different sights, smells and sounds. Each of them is unique to their specific neighborhood.

The Eateries and Drinks

Based on the cuisine that is available in New York City, a holiday here will be etched on your mind for many years to come because there are the best of foods available, which can be found in the thousands of hotels and restaurants. If you are just having some good times walking around and sightseeing, then you will get refreshments from the many cafes, street vendors and dive joints. These offer all the foods you can think of from local delicacies, ethnic cuisine and even foreign foods. Do not leave without trying the local traditional foods like bagels, pizza and hot dogs. Cheesecake is another delicacy that you should not miss to enjoy.

Fun Times in NYC

The real meaning of ‘spoilt for choice’ can be defined here. A few days into your holiday will reveal this to you and your family. There are numerous things that you can do because this great city has all the things that people love to do. You can visit museums, theaters, galleries and even enjoy live music from popular music bands. Sightseeing includes numerous historic landmarks and even modern structures that have unique architecture. You will definitely be busy if you choose New York City as your destination for your well-deserved break.

The Famous Sites

To be specific on the places that you can spend your precious time in, you will need to visit famous sites like the Ground Zero, the 9/11 Memorial, Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and the Times Square. Do not forget that you need to do some serious shopping for the things you need to use in NYC, and still for your mementos after your holiday is over. There are numerous popular retail landmarks which these are places where the globally-known shops are located. These places are Madison Avenue, Herald Square, Orchard Street Shopping District, Union Square, Fifth Avenue and Diamond District.

Moving Around

The subway is the quickest way to get around New York City. Stations are located in many places and there is no single minute that you will get stranded. You can also use a taxi if you are doing short trips and that is if you know exactly where you are going. Walking is also great! This will give you the real feel of New York City.

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