What Are Some of The Secret Celebrity Hangouts And Fancy Places in New York?

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There are some hidden places restaurants, bars, hidden restaurants and hidden roof top bars in New York cities where we can see celebrities. In this article we discuss about some important hidden restaurants, bars and some other places.

  • ABC Kitchen

ABC (Always Bursting w/Celebrities) Kitchen is basically a restaurant. It is home supplying store and most of the people like this and is a vegetable toast.

  • The Lion

This is in backroom where tons of luxurious jumbles on the walls and the ceilings are high clasp the apple wood bacon smoke. Like these two restaurants there are almost 15 restaurants. Some of the names are Minetta Tavern, Le Caprice, The Spotted Pig, Michael’s, Brooklyn Diner, II Mulino, Serendipity etc. Each of these restaurants has its own importance and celebrity.

Nyc’s Best Restaurants for Celebrity Sightings

At restaurants celebrity sightings are common places in New York but sometimes these places create excitement due to impressive importance and standard. Some of the restaurants are discussed below.

  • Carmine’s

There is a chance for New York peoples to advert celebrity because this is family style cuisine and carmine’s is located in different parts of the city. Uncountable celebrities attracted towards carmine’s including Drew Barrymore.

  • Bagatelle

There is a great chance for the people to see their beloved celebrity if they visit bagatelle. There is a long list that has eaten and returns back to this restaurant. This includes Sofia Vergara, Paris Hilton, Mariah Carey and many more.

  • The Polo Bar

The polo bar is one of the most high class restaurants in New York City. In this restaurant any one can see their favorite celebrity with his friends and family. The hosts of polo bar are Hillary Clinton, Andy Cohen, Gwyneth Paltrow and Tamron Hall. There is an artwork of polo matches, sports and horses with the brand of Ralph Lauren which is the space honors. American seasonal dishes are in this restaurant which includes topped with tomatoes signature polo bar burger lettuce, onions, pickles, cheddar, and crispy bacon.

Best Rooftop Bars in New York City

In New York City there are many restaurants which are rooftop which have stunning and skyline views. There specious beer garden and many more are the standards of rooftop restaurants. Here we pic some important bars which we explain.

  • Ophelia

This under the radar advert peaks the milestone Beekman Tower in Manhattan’s Midtown East neighborhood with panoramic sight of the east river. Ophelia is very inspiring with is decorated designs which are the restored elements of the 1928 rooftop and vintage artifacts. Online reservations are available.

  • Mr. Purple

This is not only the rooftop. It inspires FOMO like 15th floor stunner above the hotel indigo lower east side New York. Try the Mr. Purple which is a punch of casamigos tequila, cranberry liqueur, allspice dram, apple and lemon fried chicken slides with buttermilk chased and fish tacos. You can take selfie and most of the Manathan’s part includes.

  • Salon de Ning At The Peninsula

This advert over the peninsula has some things which are going for it. It situated about 23 floors above and you feel separate from the city. The bar tariff ticks off each advanced cocktail tendency from hot tequila to Japanese whisky highballs; however feasting is not inadequate to liquid form. The other rooftop bars in New York City includes gallow green, harriets rooftop and lounge, magic hour rooftop bar and lounge, lemon’s, refinery rooftop and westlight.

  • The Back Room

The back room is one of the hidden bars of the city which is run by infamous gangsters Lucky Luciano and Meyer and Lansky. On the street there is only sign of the lower east side toy company. After passing the metal gate, you will see another set of steps foremost to a door. In this bar you can see the red wallpaper gold frame portraits, a place of fire and velvet sofas.

Like these types of bars and restaurants there are hundreds of hidden bars and restaurants which their own importance and value and celebrity come to enjoy with their families and friends.

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