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Aesthetic Nose Plastic Surgery

The nose in the five senses is the part that is the easiest to change the overall appearance of a person. A little fine-tuning on the nose can instantly make the appearance different. Perhaps there is not a single person on Earth who would be 100% satisfied with his appearance. For many, the most “outstanding”…

Plastic Surgery

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The Most Popular Types of Plastic Surgery

Today, the cult of a healthy body has entrenched in the world: men and women are increasingly going to gyms, visited by cosmetologists and surgeons. No one will be surprised by a representative of the stronger sex, who is on the verge of a plastic surgery clinic. This is normal, as the news only heard…

Plastic Surgery

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Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and Makeup against Natural Beauty

There are two types of beauty in the world: natural, and cosmetic beauty. Natural beauty is being exuberant in the skin that an individual is born with. When individuals can love themselves for who they are, regardless of the many flaws allows the feeling of comfortability in one’s skin. However, there does come a time…


Plastic Surgery

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Effect of the Increase in Plastic Surgery on Americans in the Past 20 Years

Intro There is no doubt plastic surgery is popular, and with growing popularity, researchers have delved into the psychology, risks, and technological advances of these procedures. Researchers have been looking into many common procedures such as rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, and botox injections to take a look at the effects they have on people both physically…

Plastic Surgery

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Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and Understanding of Beauty

When we search up “Beauty” on Google Image, images of beautiful women from different cultures and eras appear. What is more interesting about how Google determines what or who is beautiful is that once we look up “Beauty” and add an era after it, for instance— the 80s, the results that Google brings on change….

Plastic Surgery

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Bizarre Stories of People Making Plastic Surgeries to look like Celebs

It is crazy that people are willing to spend thousands of dollars to look like their favorite character or celeb. People get plastic surgery all the time but there are some that take things too far and are willing to alter their bodies to the max until they are satisfied. Some even continue to get…

Plastic Surgery

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4 the Most Practiced and Successful Plastic Surgery

More and more women (but not only them!) Are resorting to plastic and cosmetic surgery to perfect their appearance. Eyelid lifting, rhinoplasty, liposuction, breast reduction, breast augmentation, etc. These are not easy operations, and that is why you should follow some precautionary rules when choosing your surgeon. Whether reconstructive or cosmetic, all surgery must be…

Plastic Surgery

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Why Plastic Surgery Should be Banned

Have you ever wanted to change the way you look? Maybe your nose because you think that it’s too big, or you wanted to change the shape of body. We live in a world where it’s hard for people to be comfortable with themselves. The society is making it difficult for both girls and guys…

Plastic Surgery

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Effect of Social Media on Plastic Surgery Increase

The global rise of aesthetic/cosmetic plastic surgery is predominately due to the influence of social media, particularly video and photo social networking apps like “Instagram” and “Snapchat”. Apps likes these have the power to influence self–perception, whether by exposing differing ideas of beauty or by more insidious ways that deal blows to self–esteem, eventually leading…

Plastic Surgery,

Social Media

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Types and Effects of Cosmetic Surgeries

If a person is insecure about something on their body and had the ability to change it, why wouldn’t they? Yet if they do alter a feature would others notice? Would they be called fake? Or even worse, plastic? The world of cosmetic surgery has been up and coming for generations now. Plastic surgery is…

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Plastic Surgery

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