Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and Makeup against Natural Beauty

Updated October 28, 2021

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Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and Makeup against Natural Beauty essay

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There are two types of beauty in the world: natural, and cosmetic beauty. Natural beauty is being exuberant in the skin that an individual is born with. When individuals can love themselves for who they are, regardless of the many flaws allows the feeling of comfortability in one’s skin. However, there does come a time when natural beauty isn’t enough, so individuals will turn to cosmetic beauty. Cosmetic beauty is the alteration of one’s looks either with surgery or make up. This can cause an individual to look truly different, or just modify a part of his or her body.

There are various similarities of how both cosmetic beauty and natural beauty can influence an individual, which inspire to feel about themselves on the inside and out. Unfortunately, there are also differences when it comes down to cost, the time to maintain one or the other, also the change in an individual physical appearance. High self-esteem and low self-esteem are two influences that effect both natural and cosmetic beauty. Both types of beauty give individuals the sense of loving themselves, and it allow rays of confidence spouting from their bodies. If an individual decides to stay with natural beauty, it is because it gives an individual the feeling of being confident in how their own skin look.

Having a cosmetic appearance by using a ton of make up or having a cosmetic surgery done for various reasons, such as hair implants also allow an individual to have high self-esteem. Natural and cosmetic beauty can both cause low self-esteem. Natural beauty can bring stretch marks and pimples on the face and body that can make an individual feel less confident about their appearance which will cause their self-esteem to be lowered. Cosmetic beauty does the same thing as well but in a different way. This happens with botched plastic surgeries leaving an individual face or body to be deformed. When individuals are in a room they start to feel that people can see the flaws on their face and body with both natural and cosmetic beauty.

Physical features can be contrasting component between natural and cosmetic beauty. Cosmetic beauty changes or enhance an individual physical feature and hide their physical imperfections. For example, getting Botox tighten the wrinkles on the face, a nose job improving the shape, or the enhancement of breast enlargement. People can also use cosmetic surgery to get a more natural look to their body if they were born with an abnormality, was badly burn, and was in a horrific accident. Cosmetic surgery also called plastic surgery can get individuals back to how they use to look or how they would like to look as a person. While natural beauty feature are the ones that a person was born with. There are no alterations to their body due to surgery, or makeup.

Individuals are the primordial copy of themselves. Change of the appearance comes from cosmetic beauty and not natural beauty of an individual. Cost and time are also two differentiating factors between natural, and cosmetic beauty. The cost to get cosmetic beauty and maintain it is very expensive, especially with plastic surgery and make up. The average that a person spends is $16 billion on plastic surgery. Then after he or she has had surgery they must go through the recovery process that usually takes two to four weeks depending on what they had done which becomes very time consuming. During this time, they can’t move, work or do anything while they are in the healing process. They must find someone to take care of them which causes an inconvenience on their behalf. Another cosmetic beauty that is expensive is make up.

Women spend an average of $15,000 yearly on makeup which is used almost every day. Make up takes up to an hour or less to do because all the steps that must be taken, and if they mess up they must erase and begin that process over. However, all of this differ when it comes to natural beauty, there is really nothing that an individual must do that will cause the need for surgery. Natural beauty is inexpensive, since there is nothing needed to maintain that natural beauty. Unless someone uses certain products, which may cost a little more but nothing in the price range of cosmetic surgery. It is less time consuming which allow for individuals to concentrate on other things.

Hence there is a big difference between the cost and price of natural and cosmetic beauty. Natural beauty is something that someone is born with and not just given. It’s honest and fresh, but, some feel more confident with cosmetic. Either, it is a personal choice due to the imperfections one may think of their body or an enhancement of being accepted by many. It all comes down to what works best for that individual to make them feel great about themselves. No matter if a person is comfortable in their skin or want to enhance their looks, at the end of the day, beauty is what they make of it.

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and Makeup against Natural Beauty essay

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