Intelligence and Types of Thinking

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Flynn (2016) stated that intelligence has two levels with the use of Scientific Theories and with the support of Mathematically measured concepts in order to verify the IQ estimated scores of the Schools Accomplishments, and Job qualification. Intelligence Flynn (2016) stated that It determines the ranking of cognitive issues that happens in a certain Time and Place in order for us to unravel the sequence of importance on a person’s attainment to solve any problems faster and better in a given opportunity.

Sternberg (2016) stated that Analytic thinking is the way that we use in order for us to examine, evaluate and differentiate, criticize, judge and assess certain things. He also learned that Creative thinking is a way that we usually use when we either Visualize, Uncover, Conceive, and Create ideas. And Practical Thinking is a another study that he uncovered about the Usage, Application, Utilization and Speculation of different individuals thinking capacity. Adaptation Sternberg (2016) stated that It occurs every time when a person undergoes changes in his or her suitable environment. People frequently shifts to molding, that involves in changes on the environment to suit themselves better.

Intelligence Sternberg (2016) stated that the ends in planning for one’s life fits themselves and for the environment in which each and every one can live at, and testing how well the work and changes in the plan is necessarily needed. An Intelligent person can set his perspective on this as he is someone who constructs the best outcome for his or her life even though the hindrances of the environment affects him or her any person can identify his or her Power and Fragility through Intelligence which Haier (2016) acknowledged that it is the opposite of foolishness. But most experts determined that intelligence is a set of rational abilities which includes the usual ability for problem solving.

It is called the General Factor of Intelligence or the (g) factor that is strongly connected to other factor called Fluent Intelligence.

Haier stated that different Important Intelligence factors include:

  1. Verbal Ability,
  2. Arithmetic Ability, and
  3. Spatial Ability in order to create the perfect intelligence.

Each person has their own motif when it comes to Mental Ability that either it strengthens or weakens their thinking ability. But the G-Factor is the most important prediction of any academic or life achievements to any human that has ever existed.

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