Abuse of Immigrants

Updated May 22, 2021

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Abuse of Immigrants essay

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The abuse of immigrants has always been an issue in the United states, but over the years, it has, gotten progressively worse. The American Civil Liberties Union, also known as the ACLU, was founded on the basis of democracy. They have exposed the abuse of immigrants and have tried protecting them against the inhumane treatment the United States has placed upon immigrants at detention centers.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) program has been there for every crucial and legal struggle that is happening at the moment. The ACLU focuses on protecting civilian’s rights and not allowing them to be discriminated against because are of a different nationality. In fact, in 2012, the ACLU sued on the behalf of a naturalized citizen who was unlawfully detained and sent to a detention center because the immigration officials thought she was not citizen.

The ACLU’S main priority is to protect all despite their place of origin. The ACLU has been in the United States for over 100 years and will continue to help in any and all civil issues. Furthermore, it has been a huge advocate to end the abuse of immigrants and has remained on the right side of the issue, which is protecting vulnerable people who do not know the conditions they are exposed to are illegal.

Immigrants come to the United States in hopes of a better life. The ACLU states many immigrants come to America in order to seek asylum. Immigrant mothers are asking for protection against their abusers; women are running away from death, and families seek an end to their problems. Immigrants are wanting to come to America for help and not to kill or steal, yet instead of helping people, many immigration officials turn their backs against immigrants and send them to detention centers.

These detention centers are operated by contract facilities, the same facilities who run public prisons, but the conditions in the immigration detention centers prove to be far worse than the conditions in prisons. There is no medical treatment, mental health care, religious services, transfers, and access to telephones. The conditions of these facilities are deplorable and not safe for anyone, but since the immigration detention centers have no regulations, no standards, and are not held accountable for anything, they remain the same.

Despite the lack of regulations, there has been a growth of the detention centers over the past few years. No reforms have been in place! to improve conditions in the detention centers. The lack of empathy towards families, women, and children is utterly disgusting. Legal representation, libraries, and adequate health facilities should be the standard for the detention centers, as well as mandatory trainings for immigration officials that require a set of rules that must be followed. Enacting regulations will ensure that no human will be exposed to such deplorable conditions.

The ACLU compiles information and helps educate people about their rights. ACLU stands and educates people on how to fight against policies and how to do it correctly. For example, when protesting or speaking with a representative. They help in improving current policies. Furthermore, their own affiliates work in state houses across the country by using strategic communications to engage supporters on the most pressing civil liberties issues. In essence, the ACLU gives a voice to people who cannot fight on their own and need representation on their behalf. The ACLU fights on the behalf of immigrants and ensures that they are treated as the law states.

We must be particularly vigilant given that the public image of our country is still associated with the pain we have brought to the people who come to this country in hopes for a better life. It is not a good image for our country. A country that was built on the backs of immigrants. What the ACLU stands for is by far a better representation of the country. Despite a person’s place of origin, they fight for everyone’s right to freedom. The ACLU proves to be an illustration of what is right no matter the situation. Moreover, we all must remember that immigrants that come to the United States are not criminals, but victims that need help.

Abuse of Immigrants essay

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