4 Trends in Graphic Design

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The Graphic design industry is continuously evolving and on every single day there is an onset of a new trend. This article takes a look into the newest trends fir Infographics design this year.

The design trend for Infographics is way more different from other any type of graphic works. For conventional artwork, creativity, typography and concept are given importance, but in case of Infographics, the maximum emphasis is given to Information. A designer is obliged to follow specific rules when it comes to the creation of Infographic. Apart from making the artwork visually creative, one should know how to present the entire information in that single page presentation. The text, as well as the visual content on the Infographic, should be able to communicate with the beholder.

Now let us get started with the 4 most recent design concept that your designer must implement in the making of Infographic next time.

Fun Colors

By fun colors, we mean vibrant and bright colors. This can be considered as the leading trend that has been prevailing in the industry for the last few years. The reason is that bright colors draw the attention of the viewers instantly, which is the sole motive of the creator. But using exciting colors does not imply that you should keep all the elements bright. The design must be soothing to the eyes of the observer. For example, a bright background should go with black or white typography.

Interactive Infographics

If an infographic fails to engage the audience for more than 5 minutes then if an absolute failure. It serves as a medium of marketing and generating brand awareness by providing crucial information about a product, service or business. While designing, make sure that as the viewers scroll down the page, they able to interact with it. Using lots of vector images, tables, charts, survey data works wonder in keeping the audience glued to the Infographic.

Artistic Illustrations

You can seek the help of an Illustrator to produce out of the box masterpiece. Incorporating the whole business information in one single illustration actually pushes the bar of creativity a notch higher. In recent times, more and more illustrated infographics are replacing the flat and minimalist designs. Though time factor remains a constraint here, this trend is mostly preferred nowadays by the business houses for branding and marketing purposes.


GIFs are considered as a close alternative to static infographics. They have the power to mesmerize the viewers and entice them to scroll down further instead of leaving the page. The time and effort incurred in creating a GIF infographic are huge when compared to an ordinary inforgraphic design. You need to hire an animator or an experienced designer with desired knowledge in motion graphics and flash animation. But the outcome is incredible! GIFs bring a life to a static infographic and make them visually likeable. As a result of this, the number of shares on the social media accounts rises instantly.

Thus to wrap in few words, it can be said that with more imagination power and creative thinking one can achieve stunning infographic designs and break the stereotype trend of designing a flat and simplistic infographic. If you are planning to get a one-of-a-kind infographic for your next marketing venture, you can hire the service of an eminent graphic and web designer In Port Saint Lucie by contacting Wheelistic Web Design, a top-reputed graphic design studio in Florida.

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