Culture and Communication in Contemporary Ways of Living

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Intercultural communication is about stepping outside regular frames of reference and trying to understand other worldviews. The importance of relationship in intercultural communication is not about only looking at two individuals’ motivations, actions, and behaviors. A relationship has something unique that goes beyond the sum of two individuals. Considering encounter may be a global citizen, traveling is on the top of the to-do list. Traveling to new places without interacting in communication and learning about cultures is just traveling. Whenever or wherever globally-minded citizens engage with people from different backgrounds, it is a life’s mission to learn from people that stand for unique ground, culture, and perspective.

Culture does not merely mean stereotypes, religions, or judgments. Four characteristics about culture, communication, context, and power are taking into consideration for successful intercultural communication. In understanding intercultural communication, we have to understand that we always communicate as members of particular social groups, yet we always communicate from our personal identities. The cultural differences may serve to complement the similarities and both men to a fuller appreciation of parenthood. It is essential to see how differences and similarities work in cooperation or opposition. So thinking about culture and cultural practice as both static and dynamic help navigating through a diverse world. Many influential succeed in any intercultural interaction and give meaning to that interaction.

I want to share a few experiences about some intercultural encounters and what have I learned from them. One of the interactions that have been with a colleague whom I got to know from college for several years at Kingsborough Community College. He is from Italy and lives in Brooklyn. He had spent half of his life on a rough lifestyle that contrasts with most of the lives. Coming to the United States and New York City meant an incredible opportunity for him personally and professionally.

Nevertheless, he faced many obstacles while in college. Even though he was a brilliant person with many motivations, he was not able to make every decision under preventions. Inspiration that was given by a few words that came out from his mouth. He said that failure was not an option for people who can make better accomplishment because his professional goals were not him alone. However, his hopes and dreams were also for the people back home in Italy. We stayed in touch when he graduated. He has taught me many lessons about resilience, hope, and commitment.

To conclude, critical researchers, are generally interested in individual experiences and similarities among or within a group of people, within the context of unequal relations of power. In this perspective, culture and communication seem as dynamic and emerging, but also as scrambled. These debates lead to empowerment and disempowerment that refer to different cultural groups in unique ways. Critical researchers attempt to interpret and understand how this happens so that different ways of intercultural communication can be undertaken to change contemporary ways of living and the attendant material conditions.

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