Flawless Attendance Work Ethic

Updated May 5, 2022

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Flawless Attendance Work Ethic essay

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Perfect attendance can be defined as being present at an event or institution without blemishes or faults. Every attendance award that I received in school was given with the intent to inspire me and help cultivate a strong work ethic in order for me to take on the challenges and events of the day. Whether at school, work, or social event, being there on time with the desire to work nursed me to success. Perfect attendance means more than just showing up for class. Additionally, it includes being mentally and emotionally prepared.

Perfect attendance throughout my high school career has taught me many values and principles in other functions of life including responsibility, hard work, and self-control. My dedication and hard work has resulted in very good grades throughout my high school career. I am not going to lie, it has not been easy to get out of bed every day and not only get to school but to be there on time, every single day. There were indeed some days that it would have been much easier to stay at home, watch TV, and sleep all day. Many of my friends will skip a day of school simply to catch up on their homework or in order to miss a test that was to be administered that day. In order to maintain my perfect attendance this was never an option for me. Because I never take a day off of school just to catch up, I am forced to organize my time effectively in order to get everything accomplished.

I have become very good at juggling my academic load, my sports teams, and my other extracurricular activities. In learning that getting my homework done is more important than surfing the web for hours on end, I have become a very well rounded and successful student. My peers do not understand my reasoning for why I come to school every single day. They are always asking how I could possibly have so much perseverance to be able go to the same place every day, five days a week. Most of them say that they would not be able to survive a semester of school without missing a day. Because I am in the classroom every day I hear the teachers’ lessons first hand. This allows me to take control of my education and ask questions right away if I don’t understand something.

Going to class every day allows me to be guaranteed that I don’t miss any assignments or important points of the lectures. I don’t think that anyone can argue that having perfect attendance in itself is great feat. But I think that what is even more important is how being at school every day helps a student to succeed and prove their dedication. Also, perfect attendance involuntarily compelled me to be responsible for my work ethic in and out of school. Many individuals do not value attendance and reason that absences are plausible. Being absent for school, work, or other events causes you to miss significant matters and puts your responsibility on others. Rough days occur, but you push through because you need to support your family, get respectable grades, or accomplish your goals. For example, I do not enjoy going to work, but I need to save money so I can go to college to achieve my dream. Life is a rollercoaster of ups and downs but at the end of the day, you still have to do what you consider important.

Flawless Attendance Work Ethic essay

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