Drug Addiction in the Youth 

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Drug obsession is one of the biggest problems, especially among teens. Numerous young people are now dependent on drugs in their everyday routine. This could cause them problems in their social life such as,causing them to be distant from loved ones and friends. After awhile drug use will make teens spend plenty of money on drugs. Teens may try to find ways to pay for all the drugs they want, and these ways could be dangerous, or illegal.

If you add in the factor of health problems and how it will affect the person doing drugs, things can become much worse. With countless types of drugs such as: cocaine, meth, marijuana, crack, heroin etc. The name “drug” does not only mean medicine, but deadly narcotics or any medicine taken not how its instructed or intended. Drugs can have bad outcomes on the teens overall health, affecting the body and the brain of the teen because they are not fully grown physically or mentally.

There are extensive reasons on why teens start drugs. Not having every much self- confidence is seen as one of the essential reasons why teens do drugs in the first place. Also stress, pressure from friends, and parents not being involved in their children’s lives can be other causes for a teen to turn to drugs. They may even do drugs “because others are doing it”, and are scared they wont fit in the social circle that use drugs (Why do adolescents take drugs).

Teens are often peer pressured, harassed, or threatened into doing these drugs by their friends. Having display or easy access to drug use when younger may cause them to believe it is okay to do drugs . If teens see adults or influencers use drugs, then they are more likely to try the drugs for themselves thinking it glamorous. Teen boys might be trying to prove something to someone. They may also drugs to make themselves feel better because drugs may be a way for them to make stress go away(Why do adolescents take drugs).

They may even try drugs just from being bored of everything that’s happening in their life. Obviously many internal and external factors play a role on whether a teen chooses to try drugs. Many bad things happen during drug usage on the mind and your body health. Some negative results of drug addictions are: having different attitudes, violence, depression, hallucinations, anxiety, bad grooming habits, tooth decay, aging or weight loss and possible exposure to disease. Drug affect the growth and improvement of teens, mainly intelligence development (Teen Substance Use & Risks).

Taking drugs can impact your IQ in simple things such as lack of focus or bad concentration. Drugs will disrupt your day by causing problems in your mind, and how you’ll make decisions. The major outcomes of drug dependence happen in the mind, this changes genius functions and makes it different how your mind sees pleasure. Drug addiction will make the liver work harder, this will make an average sized liver to fail or will damage. A lot of human beings do not know the harm done by the drug due to the quick outcomes are no longer will show at first (Marijuana and Teens).

By knowing why physical and mental aspects of drug addiction have an effect on teens will be able to make the right choice affecting their health. If a juvenile is using drugs for a longer period, this may cause them to change in various ways. If being frequently used the substance causes the body to start to depend on it to function properly .The more common symptoms of drug dependence is; obsession with a specific substance, loss of control over the drugs, leaving old friends for a new group, and abandoning the things to do which you used to enjoy (Early Warning Signs).

Most teenagers are always worried about the way they look to their crush and friends, makeup, and overall hygiene. When abusing substances, teens usually start to care less on the way they look as their substance use increases. Sometimes you see teens stops showing intrest in this that might have been fun for them in the past. They will lack around in school work or participate less in sporting activities or other social activities. All of this is good ways to see if your kid or friend is participating in drugs. Drug dependence is a bad disease and one can’t quit using pills within a few days. Parents and loved ones want you to be better and live a better life. There are many treatment options around oklahoma for teens that are hooked on a drug or multiple drugs. These treatment plan will specialize in teens help and change. “Ideally, treatment involves a team made up of licensed professionals including chemical dependency counselors, mental health staff, wellness specialists and spiritual care counselors” (The Hazelden).

Having these treatments will help stop teens from thinking about using the drug, and will also keep them away from drugs and people doing them. Drug overuse is a sickness, this caused from loads of things like violence in their records or having at home stress. Drugs will affect the way any teen thinks, how anatomy functions this is hard on them , but there are plenty for treatment options, because they are not fully grown physically or mentally there is still home for change. Knowing the reason why teens use drugs in this way is nice to make there therapy choices easier to stop drug addiction in the long run.

Some parents don’t know exactly why children get use drugs and get addicted. They can see drug use in there kids as a social problem and see their children as awful kids with no will for the future. There is not a lot of proof on the way drugs work in the non fully developed teen brain. They can be dealt with to help them end the drug addiction. Many ways have been made that help give us teens help with the aftermath of drug addiction and have our old lifestyles like before the drugs. There is no reason to give up or cave into drugs talk to a parent or someone you trust.


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