Finding My Resilience Through Dance

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As a child, I dealt with insecurities such as having low self-esteem. My family, dance team, and community have given me unconditional support when I dealt with these doubts. This has served me to become resilient and moved me to persevere in the face of adversity. These valuable lessons have aided me to mature into an influential young lady. I will use the values that were instilled in me to succeed in dance, college, and in my future vocation.

Ever since I can remember, my parents have been there for my sisters and me. They taught me to be wise and to stand up for myself. In school, I was constantly bullied, but my parents were there to guide me. My mother inspired me to stay optimistic. Whenever I was faced with a dilemma, she told me, “life can be difficult at times, but fighting through the pain and challenges will be worth it.” My father helped me to feel connected to my community. When I was little I would follow him to his work as a cabinet maker. This job allowed me to travel within the state, thanks to my dad, I have met many important people and experienced various cultures. For instance, I learned about David and Tamela Mann, who are gospel singers and actors from shows like, “It’s a Mann’s World” and “The Mann’s.” What astonished me the most was that Mr. Mann came from a low-income family; in fact, he attended the same high school that I am in now. Seeing his success made me more motivated to succeed and excel, especially in difficult times.

Within my childhood, I felt the racial tension throughout the society I was immersed in. My neighbors were hostile, these negative attitudes only added to my insecurities. My church was the place where finally found a strong community, plus this is where I took on the responsibility through serving my society. Since joining the church, I have assisted to arrange fundraisers and food drives to aid the poor. Not only have I become more confident at church, but to also become a more responsible sister. I often take care of my sisters when my mom cannot. I use this time to make sure that my sisters know that life has its ups and downs

I was first introduced to dance at my church, there was a ballet folkloric team, and therefore my mom signed me up. This was the best thing that ever happened to me, I’ve learned to work in a team, and I have gained valuable leadership skill. Dance has also helped me overcome my problems by allowing me to express my emotions in a way that words can’t. Soon I began performing at events organized by the church in places such as nursing homes. As I learned more I began to look to the future and decided to transition to a different dance company with a competitive team. I began to attend annual competitions all over Texas; in places such as San Antonio and Round Rock. To be a part of this team meant that I had to be committed by being present to every practice, performance, and ensuring I had all my materials for my quick wardrobe changes. But as a dancer, I did not want to dance only a single genre, so I started to dance classical ballet and the Latin style dances as Bachata, merengue salsa and many more. Now I want to continue to grow as a dancer and career. Dance has helped me connect with others through the music and movement by overcoming my fears of feeling alone and anxiety from being bullied through dance.

The environment that I was raised in transformed me into an independent, caring young leader committed to succeeding in life. My support team has continuously offered helpful advice, skills, and values that I can use to succeed in school and in my future.

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