Female Terrorism

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Suicide bombers and the functional leader’s roles in a terrorist’s organization are significantly more active in the operation role. Although, Gang popularly called the Red Army Faction (RAF) are one of the few left-wing politics that allow women to assume operation role. Suicide bombers in terrorist’s organization are trained on how to make bombs and use the bomb to execute a suicide attack.

They also fight alongside their male leaders on the battlefield. Though, they are not permitted to be a leader and has little or no contribution to policymaking (Sutten 2009, 30). However, when it comes to suicide bombers they are more lethal than any other types of a terrorist attacks, due to their capacity to switch targets or, if the bomb felt to detonate, they can find an alternative means or method to detonate the explosive. Examples of suicide bombers in terrorist’s organization are as follows, Boko Haram female suicide bombers, Black windows of Chechens, female suicide bombers in Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan and the Syrian Social Nationalist Party.

A sensible observation from Lamb (2018), stated that Surabaya attacked that sent 13 people into their early grave, was coordinated to attack police by one family and their children. Lamb noted that the family are on the police watch list among the people that recently returned from Syria. In this suicide bomber situation trends, Zedalis (2014), concluded in his research that terrorist group will continue to utilize suicide bombing methods and will continue to utilize female suicide bomber as well as develop a more efficient modern methods for recruiting potential female suicide bomber in a different terrorist organization (Zedalis 2004,18). These predictions are valuable when looking at female suicide bombers as well as how it increases within the extremely terrorist organizations. However, finding innumerable roles performed by women in a terrorist organization will make a valuable contribution to counter-terrorism policy-making.

Functional leader’s roles in a terrorist’s organization are main to execute established policy for a terrorist group. These functional leaders carry out the development of the extreme ideology and methods that guide the suicide bomb organization (Sutten 2009, 30). Nevertheless, they are rarer than the logistics segment, recruiting and suicide bombers, women in functional leader’s and their male counterparts receive the same rewards from improving the terrorist organization.

A female’s functional leaders are mostly considered to be equal to the male members and they are very significant material to the terrorist’s organization. “Mara Carol was a leader in the Italian Red Brigades (RB), she was a prominent example of a female functional leader. She was exclusively involved in the affairs of (RB) but was tasked to free their members from jail, this role allowed her to negotiate for their release” (Bizovi 2014).

Other examples of functional leader’s roles are found in an examination of the women’s roles within the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and leaders such as Wafa Idris of the Al Qaeda Martyrs Brigade. The function and influence of women are winding up, largely because of the changing environment and rule within which terrorist organization operates (Sutten 2009, 30).

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