Experience of Anxiety

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Anxiety is a normal emotion and sometimes can be a lifesaver. It’s like an alarm system and a motivator which pushes us to finish the project on time or meet the deadline. When someone is faced with a dangerous situation, anxiety triggers the fight-or-flight response. With this response, a variety of physical changes, such as increased blood flow to the heart and muscles, provide the body with the necessary energy and strength to deal with life-threatening situations, such as running from an aggressive animal or fighting off an attacker.

However, when anxiety is out of proportion, things can get messy. Life with anxiety is feeling anxious to just talk on the phone, being afraid to talk to a person face to face or walking around big crowds. The mind is flooding with toxic thoughts and poisonous worries. The person with anxiety doubts everything he does and the actions of others. He is constantly thinking of the outcomes of a certain situations or what the others will think of him/her.

For example, some people experience meeting a new person like solving hard math exercise. They start wondering what to do and when to start doing something. In their head, numerous questions are emerging such as should they start talking or let the new person make the first move or should they skip the part with telling their names and go on with some questions about the wheatear.

These situation can make people so anxious that they heart will explode. People with anxiety describe the maintaining of relationships with other people as extremely difficult task. For example, person with anxiety can isolate himself, because it’s much easier to stay at home in his comfort zone rather than go out where things can’t be controlled. That way, he would lose touch with his friends and family.

A person afflicted by anxiety may start to fear of being abandoned, worry that his or her partner is cheating or of the possibility of a breakup even if the partner has not shown any reason to think this way. All this things can seem silly to others but for people who are experiencing them is nightmare. It can get so bad, that the person would lose hope and seek and alternative ending to his pain.

Many people have shared that during the bad times they had thought about taking their own life. As said before, anxiety isn’t incurable. Many people have gone through different kinds of treatments and have reached a very happy and healthy state. They have shared that the best feeling is the relief of the unwanted worries and thoughts.


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