Essence of The Feminist Theory

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Feminism as an approach tackles about the political views of feminism in the society, it also talks about the different beliefs of feminism used to critique the literary works that was mostly published by men because of a society that looks up only on men. Feminism criticism takes its essence from the oppression of women in the social, political, economic and psychological literature.

Feminism as an approach also talks about how the literary works of women in the past and modern times can truly affect the perception of people in viewing gender inequality and discrimination in gender. Feminism approach aims to let the people know how the unfair treatment towards women affect the status of many women today. Feminism criticisms also aims to eradicate the growing number of sexism when it comes to literary works written by women.

In the context of the feminist approach or the feminist theory, one of the main situations that the feminist theory aims to discuss about is the oppression of women in the patriarchy, this issue talks about how men and women has different rankings in the society and are treated differently because of these rankings.

The feminist theory also talks about how most women are only considered as secondary options, such as in the work environment and other privileges that only benefits men more than women. Lastly, the feminist theory also talks how women are mostly criticized and discriminated just because of their gender, it talks about how women undergone discrimination in the past and in the time today.


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