Does Rap Music Increase Violence

Updated July 21, 2021

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Does Rap Music Increase Violence essay

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Does music increase violence, that is the thing that many individuals get a kick out of the chance to accept. Perception is the reality is what they say, and if a few people surmise that music underpins violence then it does, however in honesty is that opinion biased? Music is a form of expressing yourself. I’m certain there are a few situations where the artist is commending something that adds to violence or even better looked down upon, however it doesn’t imply that it supports violence,

Since the introduction of rap, the genre has been constantly scorned for its vicious messages, drug abuse, and the degrading of black women. Rap music has been blamed for tainting our children. Rap music has been reprimanded for the increase of violence in America. Rap music is always attacked by people who don’t genuinely fathom what is occurring in American society. Rap music isn’t at fault for society’s issues; besides, it ought not to be utilized as a substitute for the individuals who don’t comprehend the present issues in America.

The lyric that these rappers use in their music may not be appropriate for everyone to tune in to but rather I don’t figure their music ought to be prohibited or scrutinized on the grounds that you don’t need to hear it out If you don’t decide to. Rap music, does it really affect the youth? Many, from record company executives to high school students agree that it plays a critical role in the lives of many tans, affecting the way they dance, dress and speak (Slurs 1993). Personally, I feel rap music doesn’t promote violence I think it takes a great deal of talent to write lyrics that rappers write, because you must use similes and metaphors, and at the same time get your point across so the listeners can understand.

If parent feel that if rap music promotes violence they shouldn’t have their children listening to it. Parent have a control of what they children see or hear. So, if parents think that rap music is the reason their child is contributing to violence they should stop them from consuming. Also, the society says that rap music promotes violence, but rap was created as a response to violence, drugs, police brutality, etc. Its point was to uncover those truths, not promote it.

In conclusion, rap music does not promote violence it speaks on violence so many people wouldn’t try to promote. I speak in favor of rap music, and I don’t think society ought to censure these rappers in light of the fact that they are talking reality. Circumstances they’ve been in are appeared through their verses and we have to endeavor to discover the wellspring of the issue as opposed to scrutinizing the individual talking about the issue.

Does Rap Music Increase Violence essay

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