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Analysis of “Hamilton” Broadway Musical

Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote and starred in this hit Broadway musical. It is based on the book “Alexander Hamilton” written by Ron Chernow. The musical first became an off-Broadway hit in February of 2015. Later that same year in August it made the jump onto Broadway itself, performing to sold out shows, even with the highest…


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Lin-Manuel Miranda and His Musical “Hamilton”

A playwright, a lyricist, a composer, an actor and a rapper can all be found in one person: Lin-Manuel Miranda. He is most known for his groundbreaking musical Hamilton but has made numerous other contributions to the world of theater. Beyond the stage, Miranda has left his mark on the film industry and continues to…


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Review of Musical “Hamilton”

In this musical Hamilton there are various of things that they did in 70s and 18 hundred that we don’t do now. This melodic occurred in New York city amid the American upset. In this content the fundamental character job is alexander Hamilton he is primary is the principle superstar. He has a companion that…


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