Diseases as Result of Eating Fast Food

Updated October 17, 2020

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Diseases as Result of Eating Fast Food essay

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Nowadays, the number of fast food restaurants is constantly increasing over the world. This essay will suggest that the principal cause of this issue is customers demand and then describe the possible effect, namely cardiovascular disease.

The foremost cause of the trend of fast food restaurants is that fast food seems to meet most customers’ requirements, especially in busy life. People nowadays consider fast food restaurants as a time-saving option because they even have hardly time enough for home cooking after long hours working.

Moreover, the menu of most fast food restaurants are frequently changed by unique and tasty concepts and a variety of affordable meals for students or normal families which engages a lot of people to explore. Therefore, the trend of eating out and spending ready-to-eat food is developing rapidly leading to the strong trend of fast food restaurants.

The use of fast food restaurants has risen dramatically is likely to result in several negative consequences and cardiovascular disease as a visible effect. More and more people get access to fast food; however, according to a study, fast food meals contain huge amounts of fat and also include lots of sodium which is a major factor in developing heart disease.

In addition, there are many nutritional inadequacies in fast food meals; therefore, people will be provided enormous amounts of calories far more than they need which contributes to obesity and in the long run, it could turn out heart disease.

In conclusion, the popularity of fast food restaurants is a legitimate trend that negatively affects a lot of people nowadays. It can be attributed mainly to customers’ insistence and results in serve health problems, especially cardiovascular disease.

Diseases as Result of Eating Fast Food essay

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