Dirty Food 

Updated May 14, 2022

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Dirty Food  essay

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Through love for the environment, I went vegan. I think if anyone dares to call themselves an environmentalist they have to become vegan. Through years in school and reading, there is no reason to be eating fast food or meat and dairy they serve. It is bad for our bodies, for the environment and its horrible for the animals. Margaret Visser states in her essay “The Ritual of Fast Food” that ‘Maintaining the supplies of cheap beef and cheap buns. But these costs and complexities are, with tremendous care, hidden from view'(131).

The question I have to ask is why is the fast food industry hiding cost and information? Is the reason because it is terrible and may cause problems and they don’t want people want to know. Areas of our society that I think that are harmed by the fast-food industry are Religion, Peoples Health, and Damage to the earth. First, is Religion. Being a Christian a baptized believer for 12 years, I read the bible as well as other religious text, and they say the same thing. Well, I know, or I should say everyone should know the bible is not just a book of rules and crazy theology, but as I tell people, the bible should be known as an owners manual.

Something you can turn in to for practical information, various areas of your life, and also health and diet. God mentions seven diets in the bible we should know about. One huge one is the seed diet. Richards writes that ‘and God said, Behold I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you, it shall be for meat'(3).

Therefore, as that quote tells us, God gives the man at the beginning in a perfect world his perfect diet. Seeds, which is the whole grains herbs of the field, fruit tree that gives fruit whose seed is in itself, and nuts. God wants us to eat fruits, nuts grains, and beans this diet was made by the creator for humans. Fast food as I know do not come close to what God says we should eat.

Fast food industry not only defies the bible and Christianity it ruins what God put in motion. It destroys Christians all these quick options the devil setting out is just making Christianity into a joke. People are falling for it and turning away from what God says and into the hands of the devil. Second is Peoples Health. It is no secret fast food harms the body. Even though people are more intelligent these days and know fast food is unhealthy, some other part of the brain appears to disagree. Pointed out in a survey done by the National Center for Health Statistics “2013–2016, 36.6% of adults consumed fast food on a given day'(Cheryl et al.). If you do the math that is one 1 in 3 adults eats fast food in America in a day that is mind-blowing.

Therefore, if you are one of these people and cannot control the urge, you frequently find yourself eating fast food even though you might not even want it. I do not think caused by a lack of laziness; the situation is much more than that. As Visser notes in her essay ‘crack addicts craving salt and fat have spread the word among their number that French Fries deliver these substances easily, ubiquitously, cheaply, and at all hours”(131).The fact is fast food incite the reward system in the brain the same way as brutal drugs like cocaine.

Eating fast food will make anyone oblivious to the fact I am getting overweight. As Sanford, Marlin G argues in his book Fast Foods: Consumption Patterns, Role of Globalization and Health Effects ‘Obesity is considered one of the biggest public health problems worldwide'(36). As a fast food worker myself I do agree. In a 7-hour shift, I did my kind of study. I counted how many people came in and was overweight. My hypothesis comes with that day 52 people came in, and out of those people, 46 of them was showing signs of being fat and obesity. As many studies show, being obese is connected to awful Metabolic Diseases like insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, and cancer that kills.

Fast food not only changes how people live but it kills them. The advocates at West Virginia Health Statistic Center claims ‘the mean annual number of obesity-attributable deaths was estimated to be 374,239 ‘(‘Obesity and Mortality’). At this day in age, there is no excuse for people being obese fast food is an option. Last is Damage to the Earth. For me growing up outside where I lived. Nature the forest and just being outside really inspired me. Since I was a little boy, I notice more and more trees that are disappearing by these Chain stores. I saw more pollution on the ground and bodies of water.

Fast food places use a tremendous amount of packaging such as the wrappers, straws, boxes, and bags. The United States Environmental Protection Agency admits that ‘Between 4 and 10 percent of food purchased by food service operations in the U.S. is thrown out before reaching the plate'(1). That is 40 percent of all liter from food services. People will not believe that eating a Big Mac as contributing to far off like your carbon footprint but the fast, and cheap resources required to make it will. From growing and harvesting the wheat to making buns and for feeding the cows, and finally their horrible murder the resulting consumption is just remarkable. Visser insists, ‘involved in maintaining the supplies of cheap beef and cheap buns'(131).

The real reason fast food is so cheap is to thank all the awful hormones, pathogens and fertilizers that are used to create fast food. Inject animals with those drugs to make them bigger to produce more meat. Nevertheless, all that does is those chemicals seep into our water supply; water condition has undergone awful changes. On the news stories of Outbreaks of waterborne disease like E. coli, marine life dead zones, and many other dangers all are the effect of fast food. If fast food continues contributing up to 40 percent of all the waste in landfills, they will become filled up quicker, and from there rotting foods and packing.

Having so many chemicals, they cannot decay as easy then causes more methane to be released a greenhouse gas that is much more powerful than carbon dioxide. For me, I would not want carbon dioxide tearing holes in our ozone layer as it did in Australia, which causes more UV radiation reaching the earth. But, Margaret Visser essay ‘The Ritual of Fast Food’ brags about how the fast food industry is a fantastic thing bringing customers reasonable costs, a clean establishment, having wonderful service, and having food so good and salty it brings people back. However, fast food is far away from the best choice for anyone, animals or the planet. Instead, cook meals at home; buy foods locally grown, for the best resource reduction and the best health benefits. Areas of our society that I think that cause harm by the fast-food industry are Religion, Peoples health, and Damage to the earth.

Dirty Food  essay

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