Developmental Feedback: Your Marketing Plan

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Travel and Tourism this paper will investigates marketing strategy perceptions as they apply to travel and tourism and reports a pragmatic investigation of marketing strategies of travel and tourism in a local market focusing on (1) integrated marketing communications, (2) pricing, and (3) distribution. Most importantly this paper will focus on the four p’s of marketing, (1) product, (2) promotion, (3) price, and (4) place. The effectiveness of marketing combination strategy variables such as service and advertising in achieving travel and tourism market was also investigated.

Travel and tourism had been known to create an impact on transportation, hospitality and as the entertainment. The entertainment world has set an economic trend in a rapid economical and social level promoted increase in the travel and tourism and providing the economic demand increase as well as becoming a very supportive growth development. Travel and tourism challenges as well as opportunities has been one of the factors for some countries in economic growth and development.

Keywords: pricing, distribution, communication and strategy

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide professional and trusted travel and tours services that provide venture travel packets with fashionable accommodations, pleasure-loving food, and family friendly service to our clients the vision starts with the concept of what the customers sees or feels when the company’s name is spoken. Creating the image of two things; the world is their oasis and the customer feels that they have the world their hands. It is our mission to become the leading brand in the travels and tours line of business in Maryland and to be amongst the top 10 travels and tours agency in the United States of America within the first 8 years of operations

Long and Short-Term Goals

When measuring and reaching the long and short-term goal of the company, it is essential to develop a program which will include a booking system designed to be user friend for potential customer to include; deployment, appointment reminders, automated scheduling and calendar sync. There will also be a helpful suggestion link in which customers will be given the opportunity to suggest ways for innovations technology ideas or suggestion for the betterment of the company. Creating a relevant training for employees ensuring that everyone is accredited as well as the accreditation for the company with the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA).


In a recent article in Travel & Tourism Economic Impact World 2018 it is stated that the Travel & Tourism creates jobs, drives exports, and generates prosperity across the world (World Travel & Tourism Council, 2018). The analysis shown by World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) of the global economic influence of Travel & Tourism, the segment is shown to account for 10.4% of global GDP and 313 million jobs, or 9.9% of total employment, in 2017 (World Travel & Tourism Council, 2018).

Logo Taglines & Its Benefits

Taglines or strapline for HouWorld Travel speaks to potential customers about is all about. As a modern-day company, the logo and the tagline become one, no words needed. Going with the less is more effect. The tagline/ logo is informing customers that the world is only an appointment or schedule away, hence the airplane with the MacBook, netbook or tablet. This logo/ tagline gives the company an innovative technological exposure to the ever changing and technical world. Promoting consistency and all the time giving the customer the feel of modern changes, efficiency and reinforcing the company as one.

Demographic Variables in Travel & Tourism

In order to know what the demographic variables are, there must be knowledge and understanding of the meaning of the word marketing. Marketing is mostly about meeting the needs of people. In recognizing the importance of the needs of people, the marketing analysis has to change to construct to the essential of everyone. In using the Roger Best seven step approach was implemented.

It starts with the needs based on segmention, in which surveys was conducted based on the travel request and benefits such as mileage points, discounts car rentals and more. Next there was a survey based on interest, lifestyle, hobbies and intellect. The third criteria used in conducting a survey was determining what attracted this customer., segment profitability and lastly helping the customer see what they are getting for their money.

This may be just hearing a live voice, saving money, providing discounts that no other competitor has, or making all the arrangements and sending a confirmation email but recognizing the variables imposed the concept in which the company use. Using the multicultural marketing approach while recognizing that different ethnic and cultural segments have sufficiently different needs and wants to require targeted market- in activities and that a mass market approach is not refined enough for the diversity of the marketplace (Keller, 2016).


In a recent article by Amanda Yeager, Baltimore is missing out on visitors as it awaits a convention center update, the head of the city’s tourism arm said last week. ‘Because we don’t have availability of dates… we’ve lost almost 2 million in hotel room nights that would come to Baltimore’ between fiscal years 2012 and 2017 (Yeager, 2018). Because there was not an update or information given to any other competitors in the Maryland area, HouWorld donated funds to acquire or be the first all-inclusive travel company to know of any special events two weeks in advance. HouWorld was nominated as Travel and Tourism Company of the Year.

Branding Materials

One of the branding materials that will be used within our company is HouWorld mobile application, which will allow the customer to review the itinerary, live chat, change itinerary with 48 hours providing an itinerary update to the customary. Verification of email two weeks before planned travel. Customers that have or use sites such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, iTunes and Google Play are getting discounts and even friend request discounts for travel

Pricing and Distribution Strategy

There will be several ways in which we will provide distribution for HouWorld Travel. Wholesale distribution which may include but is not limited to Norwegian Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruise, Holiday Inn, Marriott and more. There will be live operators and most importantly the Internet, distributing promotion and advertising pop-up adds to potential customer all over the world. The pricing strategy is going to be a little different from the competition such as Orbitz, Trip Adviser, AARP, just to name a few. The price will be competitive but if the customer does 35 percent of the work such as have SkyMiles advantage, they will get an addition percentage off the travel package. This will provide efficiency and will be one of the best distribution strategies used all over the world, that is ‘word of mouth.

Integrated Marketing Communications Plan

The American Marketing Association defines integrated marketing communications (IMC) as “a planning process designed to assure that all brand contacts received by a customer or prospect for a product, service, or organization are relevant to that person and consistent over time (Keller, 2016).” It is essential that advertising, promotion and great public relation be a part of the communication plan to know the target customer. Creating a marketing plan that communicates whether you are surfing the internet or reading a news paper the mission statement of HouWorld Travel never changes. The world is their escape and it’s in their hands.

Public Relations, Sales Promotion and Personal Selling Plan

HouWorld Travel will be the one stop shop for all the customer needs. This will include but is not limited to hotel, shopping, childcare if needed, hospitals, medicines. What ever the customer needs or special needs may be HouWorld will promote using coupons, wholesalers and demographics based on culture, age and characteristics. Creating advertisement special on a paid program to have a potential customer want to know more about promotions, discounts offered on medicines, elderly, childcare, nutrition, whatever the need for the potential demographic structure or season of the year. For instance, Christmas in July would be getting a customer to book a travel in July giving Target, Walmart, Kohls, etc., gift cards. Essentially the number of increased clients to about 30%, therefore creating a higher gift card amount, preferably $100-150 per family, per booking. This is more than most competitors can give.

Online and Direct Marketing Plan

The most infamous place to go when setting up a company and promote free advertising and direct marketing is the use of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram just to name a few. We are going to use Facebook, because of constant innovations you can go live, promote visible gift cards, show shoes that women adore without paying one red cent. You are able to see customer requests, add great photos, ask customers what they think, promote valuable content, create event, plan a company extravaganza. According to Facebook, TUI is the world’s largest travel and tourism agency. It is noted that the reasoning behind that concept is that TUI knows that its Nordic customers go to Facebook first, so they provide them with plenty of great content (Severt, 2017).

Social Responsibility/Cause Related Marketing Plan Most Relevant

Traveling is an escape to many different places but there are some downfalls that are lurking in the dark that has to be addressed and with each waking moment, promotion flyers, web surfing maybe tracking enabled devices on some client’s phone maybe not by the company but by a family if a customer travel abroad. Organ trafficking is real and the efforts to ensure that people are safe and aware of not only their surroundings but some precautions that are needed to take to be guaranteed a safe trip and even safer return home. In realty you do not have to be out of the country, in America, the dizzying case of Kendrick Johnson whom after a protracted fight, it was discovered that the Georgia teen was found to have had all his organs removed and replaced with newspaper (PERRY, 2017).

Adding this information to our webpage as, creating popup to provide donations to families that fall victim to this senseless crime. Creating a page like the neighborhood watch but it will be called Cyber Watch, being very careful not to create cyber stalking. There will be potential checking plan for customers which is security protected with encryption is a social responsibility not just for the company but for the well being of all mankind.

In conclusion, creating an integrated marketing communications plan developmental plan to have various lines of communication, using promotion, advertising, getting to know your customer, their wants. Life cultures, economic growth as well as learning what needs to be done to be the top company in a very competitive industry. The demographic values of the customers is the way of knowing what will grab the customer interest and provide your company with the one stop idea as well as the one stop access. Creating a necessary plan so that the customer is not overwhelmed but is very informed.


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How do you write a marketing feedback?
To write marketing feedback, you will need to assess the results of your marketing campaigns and compare them to your goals. You will also need to provide your insights and recommendations on how to improve future marketing campaigns.
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