Definition and Advantages of Diversity

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Diversity is defined as varied and complex and is used in several concepts. Culture diversity means that you have a varied element of people with different cultural background and ethnicity. Diversity goes hand in hand with integreation, where people with an immigrant background involves in the general community.

Firstly, the most important factor to achieve a successful diversity in culture and sports and generally in society, is respect. It presents the idea that respect for diversity and cultural differences throughout society, are essential for us to realize our democratic ideal of equality for all people.

Secondly, to do this, we must have more knowledge about culture and background. If we have too little knowledge, we may in the worst case hate those who are different. This may have a negative impact on the everyday life of minorities, not to feel accepted and understood, only because of prejudices. Prejudice can reduce oppurtunities and limit diversity in sport and society as a whole is poorer for it.

It is known that participation in sports provides increased health benefits and create joy and commitment. It is open to everyone regardless of genre, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion osv. The sports and culture encorage tolerance, integreation and a community spirit. Sports or performming arts encourage appreciation for one’s talent and success regardless of someone’s background.

According to research, participation in sport and culture can contribute to level up the differencies in society. It creates unity and you make friends than it might be easyer at school as well. Some years ago, it is among organisations in diversity communities, who have been starting several campagnies against racial, genre prejudice. They have been focused educating players and fans, mentoring those who were at risk and making it easyer to report problems as well making sure those in charge took them seriously.

So this is not an issue in the diversity society while lack of diversity can lead to racial prejudices and discrimination. For instance many football players, especially those with African background, experience racism when they play in countries that er not so diverse. It is a great pite to experience this in today’s society


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