Debate between Evolution and Idea of Creation

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Evolution the concept is more than just coming from another object or being, however it’s on the other side of the spectrum as the word of God. God created every creature a specific way and nobody can ever alter there being. However, evolution states we are from another source or species. Over time certain features of the human body slightly change and over hundreds of years these changes will be drastic, like we can see in the 21st century individuals.

Evolution above all is based around the notion of survival of the fittest as brought up by famous English philosopher Herbert Spencer who wrote and discovered many great theories and provided the world as we know it with tremendous facts. He is responsible for the first use and he provided the founding of the phrase, “Survival of the fittest”. The definition can be interpreted many different ways but the best way I can phrase is it the species that starts to develop the most efficient way to sustain themselves in their given environment.

The goal is not to wipeout or make objects or things go instinct, however we as humans are things in an environment that we most of the time choose not to live in. you can pick the place you want to live an move thee but no one person can predict what the future will have in store for the rest of the human population. Charles Darwin most of the time has the pleasure of people thinking that he was the one who came up with the saying but in reality, he only used it to describe how natural selection works and the process that we were picked individually to perform certain task and evolution is how the creation of society is still moving forward. The book Charles Darwin is very well known for writing in is called, On the Origin of Species, chapter four is where he does most of his famous work.

God and the creation of the universe collide in many different aspects, along with the beginnings of society and the human population, many people don’t fully believe in one certain way. The general consensus States that most people fall in the middle of the spectrum. This claims that a decent amount of people believe in religion, and the others believe in evolution. According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center of all the Catholics living in America, “26% of them don’t believe in evolution of any kind.” I would assume this number is quite high since most people who practice Catholicism are strict since it is an old religion.

One of the hardest things for me to wrap my head around is that theoretically science cannot be proven one hundred percent of the time. Theories have many ways to be disproven and this is why it’s a concept and not an art. If evolution was as simple as two plus two equals four, then there would be no point for an argument over evolution and the existence of God. God is apparently as stated in the bible the creator of everything and most importantly the universe, however science has proven over and over that humans develop traits from prior beings and adapt to their natural habitat. The origins of society are dated so far back, that many things are unclear for piecing the puzzle together for the thing we call life.

The Pew Research Center also conducted a study that shows us how there is a middle to the belief in God and the theory of evolution. This is called, “Supreme being guided evolution”. This is drawing the conclusion that there was somebody or something that helped create earth and the society we are currently living in. just under a quarter of the adult population believe this to be true. I think they only survey adults because most of teens and younger have opinions form their parents. Once you reach your twenties and most of the time move out then you start to form your own opinions and think for yourself so what your parents from a young age engraved into you has started to leave your mind.

The origins of society if you truly are religious come from God and only God, but to be respectful many religious individual’s take into account other people’s opinions because the others people’s opinion is the theory of evolution is the reason the world, we live in is how it is. So overall the theory of evolution and the belief in God do no merge, well because there are just too many pieces of the puzzle that don’t match up correctly with all the small details put in place. This is a debate that will I think never be completely solved because there is always going to be a great rebuttal from each side. You can argue that you are in the middle but that’s just because you are too weak to go against the overall answer of the people because it is confrontation. The theory of evolution is highly accepted around the world and so is the belief in some type of God so nothing is settled.

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