Cyber Crime and Cyber Security

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Technology has brought us much convenience, but there are bad things besides the good things that it brings. For example, cyber crimes. We handle all our works by phone, computer and internet. We upload all our private information to them. Are we sure that this information be in safe or that others cannot receive it? We have to protect ourselves against cyber crime. Even though cyber criminals steal millions of dollars, they have not been arrested yet and will probably never be arrested. Because, most of the laws are national in their applications, though cyber crime agreements, so cyber criminals commit international crime. Three proposed solutions for protection against cyber crime are cyber security for companies, putting secure and different passwords on all accounts and not opening messages from people you don’t know.

Firstly, companies need to set up a very good firewall for company information. Cyber crime is one of the greatest challanges facing companies. They are targets because they have a lot of money. Therefore, they can educate their associate and employees on fraud threats or hiring experts who know the hacker issues. It is also a good way to cooperate with some internet security institutions.

Secondly, you can put secure and different passwords on your all accounts. Find passwords that are hard to guess and frequently change your passwords. Some users use the same password for all their accounts, it can be easy but not smart, because when hackers find your favorite password, they access your all accounts.

Finally, you should never open a messeage from an unknown person. You can cause the virus to spread to the computer by clicking a link, attachment or picture in an email or website. You allow the hacker to access private data or take control of your computer. That’s why, you should avoid using email to authorize payments or changes and never use phone or account numbers provided in the email.

In conclusion, cyber security for companies, putting secure and different passwords on all accounts and not opening messages from people you don’t know will be very useful when you protect yourself against cyber crime. Cyber criminals work professionally and organized. We need to protect ourselves from them. We can keep our systems update with appropriate security patches. Do not not be vulnerable, in this way avoid cyber attacks.


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Is cybercrime and cyber security the same?
No, cybercrime and cyber security are not the same. Cybercrime refers to illegal activities committed using the internet or technology, while cyber security refers to the measures taken to protect against such crimes.
What are the Top 5 cyber crimes?
Cybercrime is any illegal activity that takes place online or via electronic devices. The top 5 cyber crimes are: 1) phishing; 2) identity theft; 3) cyberstalking; 4) cyberbullying; and 5) online predators.
What is cyber security and cyber crime?
Cyber security is the practice of protecting networks and systems from digital attacks. Cyber crime is any illegal activity that occurs online.
What is the difference between cyber and cyber security?
two word spelling difference may simply come down to regional preference – American authors tend to use cybersecurity as one word, whereas British professionals have been known to separate the word into two . The main point, though, is that whether it is spelled as one word or two, cybersecurity vs.
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