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Creepers Don’t Care About the Value of Life or Other People’s Lives

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Creepers Don’t Care About the Value of Life or Other People’s Lives essay
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I woke up bright and early. It is 0500 here in my military camp. It was a regular day. I ate breakfast and began doing push-ups and target shooting for the ongoing war against the creepers. My Squad and I along with our Lieutenant were walking out when we got a radio transmission from a nearby village that they had been raided by creepers the night before. We got in our chopper and made our way over. My lieutenant Hopper began talking to me about what it is like to kill creepers and how to do it since it was my first mission. She said

  • “Hey Rider.”

I turned and looked at her and she said

  • “If they get close, don’t engage, point and shoot. Have you ever seen one before? They are monsters. They are dangerous and must be stopped. Don’t freeze when you have the chance to kill one.”

I sat there and just listened to her. I’ve never actually seen one before. We landed 20 minutes after her talk to me. Hopper started talking to one of the villagers there and had me and my partner Aella stand there next to her to listen in while she did the talking.

  • “So… what happened?” she asked.

The villager replied “we didn’t see anything. But when we woke up, food was stolen and a lot of supplies are gone. Must’ve been creepers. We already searched the nearby area and there wasn’t a sign of them anywhere. We need your help.”

The villagers told us that about 5-6 miles in the northwest direction lives a crazy fanatic who houses and takes care of creepers. We got in our chopper and headed there.

We landed about a mile out and walked our way until we got about 800 feet out of the farm house and hid behind the cover of an old worn down car. We all had an implant in the back of our necks called the FIRE system. All members of the military had it. That’s how Hopper was able to draw up our plan of action, it was like a live hologram because she had the whole layout (including the interior) of the farm house just in the air and she was drawing up the routes we were gonna take.

We started approaching the farm house all together and had the all the routes memorized. It was amazing, the implants we had also allowed us to memorize routines and battle plans and other things like that instantly as if we all had advanced photographic memory.

I kicked down the door and we all charged in and the lunatic we were after was sitting in a chair.

Aella and I split off from Hopper and Derrick and started searching for creepers in the massive farm house while Hopper began questioning the man we were after named Francis.

  • “Calm down. I won’t hurt you if you tell me where they are” Hopper said.
  • “Where are who?” Francis replied.
  • “We have a bunch of scared and frightened people back in that village, you want to know why, because creepers came and took all their food. You happen to know anything about that?”
  • “No”
  • “You know It’s not just what they took, but all the food that was left behind, no one will eat it out of fear that a creeper touched it.”

I could hear very little of the interrogation going on downstairs.

  • “Rider.” Aella whispered to me signaling for me to come with her and search another part of the house with her.
  • “Cross on the wall there, you got a moral code. You think all life is sacred. I get that. I really do,” Hopper said.
  • “So you gotta protect the Creepers right. They didn’t ask for this, it’s not their fault they look and behave the way they do.”

I heard a banging noise. Aella and I began to follow the direction it was coming from.

Hopper then told Francis, “The sickness they are carrying with them, it doesn’t care about the value of life or the lives of others they are hurting when they steal people’s food and supplies. If we don’t stop this in the near future, then children are gonna be born and when they grow up they’ll breed and have more children born that way. And the cycle of pain will continue and be harder to stop.”

  • “Boom,” I said as I kicked open a door that I believed led to where the creepers were hiding. I had to be right, in the secluded area behind the door there were blankets and bags of chips and cans of soup. Aella and I split up and checked two different areas. They had to be near I thought.
  • “For every Creeper you save and take in today, you risk the lives of a countless number of people tomorrow. How can you see them as human. They are monsters with no value of life. We have to kill all of them if we want mankind to continue and live on and thrive.”

I heard a noise and turned around and pointed my gun where I heard the noise come from and then all of a sudden

Creepers Don’t Care About the Value of Life or Other People’s Lives essay

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