Corruption as a Social Phenomenon

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Corruption is strongly influenced by political and economic environment. The more the economic activity in the country is regulated and limited, the higher the authority and power of officials in decision making, the greater the possibility of corruption.

Corruption arises due to underpaid officials which is a problem especially in developing countries, another reason for corruption is that the more they are dissatisfied with their work or place of work the higher the degree of corruption.

Is corruption always bad?

According to Stefan Sumah (2018), Nguyen Ngoc thach, Mai Binh Duong and Tran Thi Kim Oanh (2017). Corruption (bribe) for official are ways of speeding up the process which makes decision making faster, sometimes called “lubricating” of Bureaucratic wheel by private sector to speed up process and minimize the value of time cost for the economy.

Corruption differs between countries. Some researchers found that while many countries have suffered the consequences of corruption (decline in Economic Growth) other countries have had growth despite corruption. In other countries it is a thank you in a form of gift or service is an expression of courtesy, and in other country it is considered as corruption. Corruption can be different in different areas or countries.


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Is corruption a moral or social issue?
Corruption is both a moral and social issue. It involves unethical behavior that undermines the integrity of society and affects the well-being of individuals and communities.
What are the social impacts of corruption?
The social impacts of corruption can be far-reaching and damaging. It can lead to decreased trust in government and public institutions, as well as social and economic inequality.
What is the meaning of corruption in social?
In social, corruption is the misuse of entrusted power for private gain. Corruption can be classified as grand, petty, and political, depending on the amount of money involved and the level of impact.
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