Concept of Time Travel

Updated December 28, 2021

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Concept of Time Travel essay

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Time travel is a popular topic that can be found in wide-ranging forms of the science fiction genre. There are many different views to time travel, with the views comes opinions, different theories, and hopes for it. In this piece, I will focus on the theories of using time travel to go into the future.

Time travel is a topic that has always fascinated me. There’s so many possibilities with it, and I think it’s cool to think that you could have a chance to change your future. Time travel is usually seen in three places in media advertisements, television shows, and art. In media, the most common form of time travels you see is usually through a time machine. But in some cartoons and shows, you sometimes see characters with powers where they can transport others in time. In these media forms, time travel can be viewed as good or bad.

In some cases, the hero or main character uses their powers to prevent something from happening in the future. A show that reminds me of this is That’s so Raven. In this show, the main character Raven has a supernatural psychic power, she uses these powers to help herself and others, prevent trouble and embarrassing moments from happening. Though this may sound intriguing, tampering with the past or present could lead to more tragedy in the future. I personally believe that we can’t always be perfect, because if we were, we wouldn’t be able to learn from our mistakes. So the concept of time travel could have both good and bad effects. Because there’s not really a definite answer on the concept of time travel, there endless amounts of possibilities.


The first two people I interviewed were my mother and uncle. When I asked my mom where she would travel to in the future, she said that she would want to travel and see herself at the age of 60. She would want to see if she would still be going through her regular day to day work schedule. She also mentioned that she would hope to see herself traveling and enjoying life. My uncle also had a similar response. He said that he would want to travel to the time he is old and retired. He hoped that by then he would be more relaxed and not have to worry about working. I also interviewed one of my best friends. When I asked her how she sees her future, she said that she would want to see herself at the age of 30 and see the accomplishments she has made. She hopes that all of her hard work in college comes to pay off and that she is successful with life.

Definition of Time Travel

There are many ways you could define time travel. If you think of time travel today, you may think of the time elapsed it takes for you to reach a travel destination. But what if you could make your arrival time faster than the entire duration of trip? In media, when I think of time travel the first two things I usually think of is Doctor Who and the movie The Time Travelers Wife. In Doctor Who, where the Doctor goes into this machine for a short time. After somewhere around five minutes and the doctor steps out into 200 years in the past. When learning about time travel, we should know the difference between personal time and external time. Personal time is the time traveler’s sense of time and where they are, whereas external time is the time of the place surrounding the time traveler. I think that you could see this in the film Interstellar. In this you see that by the time Cooper came back he was more than 100 years old in the traveler’s sense of time, whereas he still appeared younger than his daughter Murph who by then had grandchildren.

Speaking scientifically, black holes is a theory that is often talked about. There are two types of black holes. Schwarzschild black holes and Kerr holes. Schwarzschild holes are very well-known and consist of a point at the center of the hole that crushes all matter. Kerr holes though are basically rotating black holes where the point is formed in a ring. So, in the fundamental of it, you could be able to dive through the ring of a Kerr hole and emerge to another place and time.


A paradox that relates with travel into the future is the Twin Paradox. According to the paradox, twins are placed together on earth. One is put to board on a spaceship while another one travels close to the speed of light into space, turns around, and returns. When she/he returns, the twin who traveled is younger than her sibling because time slows as one approaches the speed of light. Carl Sagan agrees with this by saying, “‘Here we have two identical twins who may be decades apart in age;’”


As I explained above, time travel is defined as the physical journey of a person who travels from one time period to another period of time. During this, the external time of the difference between arrival and departure time is different from the actual duration of the time traveler’s journey. Imagining a world where time travel can happen is difficult. It’s also difficult and hard to tell whether there could be negative consequences if it is possible. As of right now, there’s no real knowledge of the possibility of time travel. But contrary to this, there is far more science involved than most people may realize.

If time travel was possible, it could introduce a completely new perspective on time. The future would no longer be something inevitable. Time travel into the indefinite future is actually a concept that could be made far more possible because according to research, time actually slows as you approach the speed of light.

The “Twin Paradox” illustrates the possibility that one twin could go on a space voyage and return to Earth only slightly older while his twin has long since died of old age. Because of there being the chance of time travel being possible, Interstellar is a strong film that aligns with many of the goals of science fiction. It brings to light new ideas and concepts that keep us thinking and gives us new ideas. If time travel is made possible the consequences of it on society would be tremendous.

Concept of Time Travel essay

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