College Education Vs. Job After School

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As a major problem facing many people every year, The idea of going into debt to work harder doing even more vigorous school work or going into the fast-paced workforce upon graduation is a major dilemma that’s been around for decades. Especially now that Universities are charging such a premium for four years living in these college towns, the decision of is college worth it has only raised more and more question as to the prices for a higher education proceeds to climb.

Attending college is a smart route for those who have an abundance of money or have had a savings account since they were born building interest for the past 20 years. When a student decides to set off to college, it’s not just the school your paying for too. They need to be able to afford the food every day, lodging, books, and the cost of trips home. College is a gamble that favors your side ever so slightly because higher education is not a must, but rather is an option giving you more than just a piece of paper and money spent. It can also be a perfect template for success for the people who are responsible and have a specific goal in mind. With zero responsibility, a person could not complete the tasks that universities assign.

While choosing classes, a person has to be smart enough to realize their workload potentials and goals for their classes. The sooner a person completes a bachelor degree the sooner they can immerse themselves in a higher income bracket which is ultimately the goal for everyone once they decide to put forth their thousands of dollars and move hours away from home to get their degree. Going to college is a stepping stone for success after high school. Attending college allows you to grow up and experience the real world while still gaining an education. Having a college degree will let you live more comfortably, all while earning more money as opposed to having a high school diploma while giving you more opportunities in the workforce with your degree.

Also starting a tradition throughout your family that college is a need, more than just want is a common tradition for most American families if their finances can afford the cost of a new car for the next four years. Abigail Hess from CNBC wrote an article called “College grads expect to earn $60,000 in their first job” (Hess) he gives data from over a thousand different colleges and over seven thousand different graduates giving us this average statistic. Even though $60,000 seems like a lot, with the average student loan totaling up to $20,000 to $40,000 after a students completion of their traditional four-year bachelor’s degree, It’s estimated to take twenty years of payments to pay off these loans once you’ve graduated.

Job: Meghan Ford From Business Administration Information talks about the famous quote “Distance makes the heart grow fonder”. Ford included this quote to clear some of the confusion as to why students take their time with their studies once out of high school. After attending grade school for 12 years straight some people benefit from getting a job out of high school and building more real-world skills as this is discussed in my current courses all the time. “Is this worth it, do I have to know this stuff”. By taking a break from studies and making a little money can help clear the mind, helping somebody decide what’s the best plan given current their situation.

Knowing that college is a real commitment, It’s also not for everyone, the idea of spending money if not going into debt to make more money doesn’t necessarily seem like a good idea right. For some the best option could be community college and working locally till you can afford to finish and get your degree at a university, now, of course, you won’t be making as much money five years out of high school as the kid who went straight to college and found a career but you saved a lot of money According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 66.7% of students go this route. But what about the other 33.3%? This last percentage is the group that either does not see the benefit, can’t afford it, or still raiders staying in mom’s basement. College is purely your own decision

Conclusion: Statically speaking the cost of schooling today in most terms persuades the majority of Americans to choose alternate routes in taking on college but still the majority are found at Universities their first year out of school as Abigail Hess from the CNBC States 66.7% of students are still going to a University their first year but with Meghan Fords Article covering the reasons why the other 33.3% decide to go to work temporarily or completely immerse into a career field out of high school. But having no prior knowledge of the cost of schooling and why people choose community colleges for a year or so, the point about stated by Ford talking about jobs out of high school.


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