Classroom Observation at Wachman Hall

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I have observed for two hours at Wachman Hall specifically in a calculus 1041 class. The reason why I chose this class to make my observation is that this class is considered large when we compare it to other classes at Anderson hall. I’m seated at the corner of this classroom to start my observation. The walls of the classroom is very smooth despite the cold weather outside. The desks are arranged nicely in rows. You can almost feel the liveliness of the students from this arrangement. The floor is so clean such people can almost see their reflections from it. The whiteboard has some writing scribbled on it from a previous class. The chair that I am seated on is very comfortable and the position I selected is very convenient as it gives full visibility of the entire room.

The sound of students talking and the dragging of feet is heard from a distance as the student enter the classroom in groups and pairs. In a span of ten minutes, the room is filled with about 25 students. The student dress codes are very diverse. Muslim ladies are dressed in long flowing dresses and hijabs are covering their heads. On the other hand, the white ladies dress code is varied. It ranges from simple t-shirts and jeans to short dresses and knee length boots. The African American ladies are not different from the white expect that some of them have afro hair. The men clothes are almost similar as it is casual jeans and t-shirts.

Before the beginning of the class the students are engaged in different activities. Some students immediately find a seat and sit quietly scrolling their mobile devices while others are going through their notes. Others sit on tables talking to their friends. Muslim ladies speak to other females in the classroom and isolate themselves from the rest of their classmates. They are discussing some topics in low tones which I could not grasp. There is a lot of noise in this room from the chanting of these students. The conversations ranged from classwork, sports to politics.

However, I caught the language that they were using which is English. Moreover, I noticed that Americans do not start any conversation with people from another countries. In contrast, some international students try to talk to Americans around them.

The students behavior during class is very casual and friendly. The interactions between students are very smooth. Some international students sat in groups discussing various topics do not come from the same background and they do not pay attention for the professor. Two Americans students are sleeping while the professor explains today’s lecture. One Arabic student uses his smart phone during the whole lecture. Others paid full attention to the professor and wrote a lot of notes in their books.

The professor uses simple English and uses a lot of diverse examples to explain his topics. When he explains one of the mathematics problems in the book, he accepted a lot of questions but after he finished his explanation in the problem. After that, he gave us a practice example to be ensure that we understand him. He also uses charts and diagram to ensure that students understand the sources. The professor makes effort to ensure that all students feel included in learning. He even asks the international students to help them with the translation of some words in order for them to understand better I the lecture.

The professor uses textbooks, flashcards and audio tapes to enhance the understanding of students especially the international students whom English is not their first language. Most of the students in this class are happy with their professor because they convinced that he is the best calculus professor in the university, and also because he is very helpful and friendly. This is evident from the confidence that is exhibited by the students as they participate in his class. This professor is very respectable too. He always trying to pronounce the names of his foreign students correctly.

At the end of the class, people start to put their course materials in their bags and waiting for the professor to finish his lecture. After the class finished, some American students went to the professor to ask him some questions about today’s lesson and about the homework assignment. Other Americans left the class instantly. There are a group of international students stayed in class for 5 minutes after class is over discussing what happened in yesterday’s soccer match.

The Muslim ladies left the class immediately as the American students. The professor waited for his students to leave and then he left the class. This observation was very beneficial because it enhanced some facts from our course readings. From what I observed before and after class,

  1. American students immediately find a seat and sit quietly using the mobile devices or going over their notes. In other words, they do not want to talk to someone else. Also, the left immediately after the class. As a result, international students face difficulties in creating a relationship with them (Nathan 69).
  2. In contrast, international students try to talk to Americans around them because they like to make more friendships (Nathan).

From what I observed during class,

  • The professor uses simple English and he also uses textbooks, flashcards, and audio tapes in order to make his students understand better. That means that the professor is very helpful and friendly because he wants to make the learning easier (Nathan 80).


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How do you write a classroom observation?
Include as much information as you can during the time of observation . If you are observing a child in a classroom setting, don't just focus on the child's behavior; take note of the classroom, the environment, and the type of activity that they were doing that day.
How is classroom observation done?
There are a few different ways that classroom observation can be done. One way is for the observer to sit in on the class and take notes. Another way is for the observer to talk to the teacher after the class and ask them questions about what happened during the class.
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There are many types of classroom observation, but the two most common are formal and informal. Formal observations are usually scheduled in advance and involve more structure, while informal observations are more flexible and can be done on the fly.
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