Chemistry is an Important Factor in Life

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I believed that chemistry is an important factor in life, since I was in Senior Secondary School as it revolves round all human activities in several fields such as Chemical Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, Biology, Geology, Metallurgical Engineering and others. This fact stimulated me to study Pure and Industrial Chemistry in Nnamdi Azikiwe University to connect my future career with chemistry, wishing to be successful in the future.

For that reason, I drew a plan for achieving this long-term aim. In line with the plan, I graduated from school as the best in the Department of Pure and Industrial Chemistry and as well best in the Faculty of Physical Sciences in the above named university. Even though my undergraduate programme in the university has given me a firm grasp of chemistry, this is not enough to have expertise in the field.I have strived to further my education in chemistry to any attainable level in life to broaden my knowledge and this Molecular Sciences Programme at the University of Amsterdam is an opportunity.

Masters in Molecular Sciences is a study for me because of the following:I want to have strong background in the core disciplines of chemistry. I am interested in using the molecule as the starting point for gaining fundamental insights about materials and chemical, biological and physical processes and to move from understanding chemical and physical processes to predicting and controlling them.I am eager to apply my knowledge and skills in areas of fundamental importance to society such as energy, education, health, sustainability and material sciences.In view of the reasons above, I believe strongly that the chosen course of study will broaden my knowledge and benefit the society. I consider myself as one of the selected candidates for this programme. I am diligent, intelligent, hardworking and ambitious person who always believe that I can contribute treasures to my society. I promise to be an excellent student and be better than I am today, if I become a student of your university.Thank You!

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