Changing of Gender Roles in Today’s Society

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Gender roles were said to have derived from Christian ideology, science/medicine, and classical thought. These roles have been around for a long time, with it dating back to before the 1800s. Today gender roles are not applied as they were back then in the earlier years. Views about gender roles have contributed to shaping many things in society also, comparing females and males from back then to now, they’ve made tremendous progression. Gender roles have had an effect on violations of the law, equitableness, and sanction. The expectations of women and men have caused great controversy across the world, with some places being more strict on gender roles and others with great leniency.

First and foremost, women were the main subjects of gender inequality especially after postwar. After the war, the pressure was put on the point of having one source of income in the household, so many women had to give up their careers in order to complete housework due to the expectation. Gender roles also had a great effect on crime and punishment back in history, women received harsher punishment the majority of the time , www.oldbaileyonline.org/static/Gender.jsp gave a great example on this stating “Women convicted of treason or petty treason were sentenced to death by being burned at the stake (until 1790); men convicted of the same offences were to be drawn and quartered” as society was big on exposing women’s bodies. Crime soon started to be seen as masculine, which caused women to commit crimes and be sentenced harsher as they were seen to be more dangerous than men because they were doing something that was seen as an expectation of males. Women were so subjected to gender roles that in the eighteenth-century women were dressing up as men in order to have the ability to qualify for jobs and gain more opportunities.

Nevertheless, gender roles have made quite the progression today in society men and women don’t want to be held to just one role now. Although they’re making progression they’re also facing more problems then the women and men did in society back then being that their gender roles were already forced on them. Women have had a drastic upcoming, one source Molly Edmonds stated that “More than 80 percent of the jobs lost during the recession had belonged to men, which led to women holding the majority of jobs in the United States for the first time ever” this is now leaving men fending for jobs and not being the provider of the families. Also although gender roles in the home have calmed down a little, gender roles in the work field are still a big problem, the majority of jobs are dominated by women leaving the men with jobs that aren’t quite as steady. A majority of good-paying jobs today are labeled as “pink collared jobs” says Kathleen Elkins, jobs like nursing, teaching, social working, accountants, and etc are all dominated by women. Although this is a huge step for women in contrast to their roles back then it also makes it difficult for men when going to get hired. This controversy is leaving women in the heat of the moment and men unemployed.

On the other hand, although women have made a tremendous progression in the work field they haven’t had quite the same success in the music industry. Since before time the music industry has been heavily dominated by male artists and used to sexually oppress women. Genius which is a music-based industry that interviews artists & etc had a contributor ask the question of “Why is Hip Hop so male-dominated” many responded with “because men are better” or more derogatory opinions against females artists. Many artists have even made songs about stepping out of gender roles with songs like “If I was a boy” by Beyonce, “Cameron” by Jillette Johnson and many other songs by artists talking about the things they

would’ve been able to do if they were the opposite gender. Women artist aren’t really listened today, they’re actually still quite ignored and brushed to the side although many women artist are better than the male artist and speak on actual problems today in the world. When it comes to gender equality the music industry has quite the way to go, as women are seen as not being expected to participate in music. The amount of male artists over female artists participating in the music industry is over double, Forbes gives insight on this by giving statistics that state, “there is a gender ratio of 4.8 male artists to every one female artist.” indeed giving evidence that there are more males than females. Also even as females attempt to enter the music world it’s a hard way up.

To conclude, traditional gender roles aren’t quite apparent in society as they were back then. Today women dominate most work fields, households aren’t solely based on one income anymore, and the men aren’t always the workers in the homes. Although gender norms are still applied to society today they may never go away although the way of work and providing may, but people’s perception of you because of your gender may not. Men are still expected to be hardworking, aggressive, like certain colors and etc. The women in society today are expected to like certain colors, act a certain way, and etc.

Due to the fact that gender norms are placed on us as soon as we come out of the womb, they may take decades to go away. These ways have passed down for generations although many have broken through them and caused some slight changes. Men and Women still face obstacles today due to some people still believing in traditional gender roles, they both are denied opportunities due to this when it comes to things in everyday life. Women are seen as not capable of doing some things men can do, and some men are seeing as not having the emotional attribute that comes with most women-dominated jobs.


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