Challenging for Women in Management Position

Updated April 20, 2022

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Challenging for Women in Management Position essay

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Women represents half of the population of the world but always face problems of inequality in every sector weather it is government or non-government organization. They particularly face the problem of leadership because men always think that women cannot be a good leader and manager. But on the domestic level men agree for women work because they always think that women only good for domestic work. Over the years government tries to make policies and plans to advance women in every sector. In the developing countries women produces the 55 percent of food grown. Various studies show that women represent themselves to a successful owner of the businesses and great managers. The reports highlight that women are 16 percent at junior management level, 4 percent each at middle and senior level, and only 1 percent in organizational leadership positions.

In this world, women continue to face many problems and challenges when it comes to advancing in workplace in government and non-government organizations or in societies. There are only few women are on CEO’s position of the big companies in this world. Many women prefer to avoid this gender equality topic because it can be seen as destroy their career. Women have the right of equality in each factor and many governments and non-government organizations are trying their best for the gender equality. In the third world countries the image of gender equality is worst then other first world countries. In today’s scenario or in the history many women prove their ability which is equal to men and sometimes better than men.

Factors of Challenges Effecting Women

When calculating the worldwide challenges for women in management positions, there are many influential factors. These factors can be broken into male dominated society and sexual harassment.

Male Dominated Society

While the world is evolving, women are still lagging when it comes to leadership roles in business. Today, only 26 women are in CEO roles at Fortune 500 companies, making up 5.2% of the female population (PEW research,2019). In the third world countries these numbers are more dominated as regard to women leadership. The Creation of Patriarchy, traces the development of the patriarchy to the second millennium B.C.E. in the middle east, putting gender relations at the center of the story of civilization’s history (Lerner,1986). She argues that before this development male dominance is not a feature in human society.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment was first recognized in cases in which women lost their jobs because they rejected sexual overtures from their employers (Costle, p. 1977). Many women prefer to avoid this gender equality topic because it can be seen as destroy their career. Sexual harassment is widespread concern in today’s world, studies shows that in this era eight out of ten women face this problem in their workplaces by their colleagues and seniors. In the recent months the #me too campaign has raised the visibility of sexual harassment with women in workplaces.

Structural Issues Including Resources and Policies

Mostly, women will join a position in an organization to find there are no option suited to their preference. They often find rules and activities that are not support women in the workplace. For example, some women reported that not having separate changing rooms available to them. One of the mainly surrounding issue is pregnancy and maternity leave. When women work in modern field it is still seems as novelty. Because of this, many women felt that there was a lack of social and emotional support available to them. The basic assumptions of the gender roles has a negative effect on organizational culture, putting females at a disadvantage. These trends have led to major changes in gender roles, family structures and work patterns. Women’s interactions with work and family life are increasingly complex and demanding. Today’s working mothers are now the most time-poor of all demographic groups. Women are experiencing significant interruptions in their working lives to respond to domestic responsibilities. Their reentry into working life can present a difficult challenge. Few men are also belonging from traditional full-time career responsibilities to participate in other activities of their lives. However, male work and family participation patterns remain far more stable and simpler than those for women (Macleod, 2017).

Non-Inclusive Workplace

Women often feel dismissed and ignored in workplace and feel outsiders because of their unique qualities or difference like gender and sexual orientation. It comes at a great cost to organizations in the form of lowered job satisfaction, reduced work effort and I diminished employee voice. Building an inclusive workplace means creating a culture that fully engages and supports all employees (Catalyst,1962). It is quite difficult for women to enter a field that has been dominated by males. When it is talking about marketing zones, it has been ruled by men for over many years. This hinders their success and makes them rely on someone for their growth (Kashyap,2017).

How to Start Sddress These Issues in the Workplace

To assuming factors that are holding women back from excellency in the management is only a small part of handling gender inequality. If organizations are serious about furthering diversity in their workplaces and taking advantage of the many skilled and talented women in this world then real actionable steps needs to be put in place. Many organizations are continue trying to do their efforts. Google, Facebook and many other multinational companies are trying their efforts to create equal workspaces. Researches shows that women are equal in workforce that everyone benefits.

Possible Straightforward Measures

There are various straight forward measures that can be done by the government and other non-government organizations for betterment of the women. They should be investing in women talent development. To keeping talent is full of challenge and it can be particular difficult for human resource leaders to make sure they have enough female talent with high career experience and skills to fill higher levels. Women form 46% of the workforce and as the career graph progresses, they gradually drop out, with just 19% of women who manage to climb the corporate ladder to make it to the C-suite position, as opposed to men who have the lion’s share at 81%( Jerene 2018).


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Challenging for Women in Management Position essay

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