Case Analysis HR Respect

Updated August 12, 2022

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Case Analysis HR Respect essay

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Mr. Robinson was a successful partner at a prominent consulting firm. After being employed by Loft Securities, Mr. Robinson flopped. He did not have the same level of success as he did with the Powell Group. It appears that Mr. Robinson and the HR department does not get much respect. Kate Rose is an acquaintance of Mr. Robinson and a superb manager. With the challenges Mr. Robinson is facing the question to answer is what the best advice Rose can give to Mr. Robinson?

Rose should recommend Mr. Robinson go back to his initial role as a consultant to tackle this issue. He has already identified the problem so he must now convey it to the management staff at Loft Securities. Since the problem began after the initial CEO left the company, it would be wise to start with the current CEO. He must be able to get the new CEO on board with his proposed plan to make it successful. He should inform the CEO of his struggles to get the HR department and support his efforts.

Loft Securities HR department needs to be reorganized. Mr. Robinson can reorganize and train others. He ought to continue creating programs and listening to his colleagues. In addition to this, he must convince management to change how they view the HR department and get them to understand his intentions. On the other hand, Mr. Robinson must determine if Loft Securities is the right fit for him. He should consider taking his talent elsewhere, in my opinion. He wanted this experience to be a challenge, and I do not believe everything should be a challenge. We are imperfect people and we will not be good at everything. If he decides to stay with Loft, I suggest he propose some training for all team members in the Human Resources department. Additionally, he should implement process changes. Leadership should be retrained and well-informed about the changes occurring within the department. I think that Mr. Robinson is facing a difficult challenge and it will probably take some time to get everyone on the same page. Mr. Robinson must be persistent in his efforts in changing the culture of the organization. The HR department at Loft will get the respect it deserves with Mr. Robinson’s experience, skills, and persistence. If things do not change, Mr. Robinson ought to seek employment elsewhere.

Case Analysis HR Respect essay

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How do you gain HR respect?
5 Ways to Gain Employees' Respect Follow the Company's Mission. Do as I say, not as I do is not the mantra any manager should live by; instead, managers need to lead by example. Keep Everyone Involved. Set Goals. Carry Yourself with Pride. Have an Open Door.
How do you write a HR case study?
You will need to make an analysis of the subject you are studying. That is, you will need to identify the problem/situation, provide background information and, of course, recommendations on how to solve problems in the context of the subject . And HR is just that discipline that is ideally suited for these purposes.
Why HR is not respected?
Too many executives lead HR, if they lead it at all, through fear rather than trust . They focus on keeping payroll costs down and keeping "employee issues" to a minimum, instead of setting ambitious goals and then hiring brilliant people to help achieve them -- and letting those brilliant people do their jobs!
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