Capital Punishment And Bad System of Justice

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Capital Punishment is fair if it was up to me, every murderer in the United States should be put behind bars and be sentenced with death punishment just as they took the life of another. I think, by making murderers pay with death would have other murderers to think twice about killing someone. But who are we to be making decisions like God? Who are we as a people to decide if someone dies or not; we as human beings will always make mistakes. This is just my ideal thought, it sounds good having all the murderers that committed crime like torturing, raping kids, killing kids, mass killing and terrorism to have them pay with the dead.

However, the system that we have here in the U.S is not 100% right, including the worst of worst people with the other criminals and in some cases innocent people will be judged by this system. The Capital Punishment in the United States has brought a lot of consequences in the last years. Many people are arguing about the problems Capital Punishment has brought. This cause the attention of some important people in the congress that they started to arguing about how many inmates were sentenced and killed while after a few years when they revised their cases, investigators found they weren’t the ones that committed these crimes and clearly proved the inmates were innocent; this was as request of the family just to know the real true if they were innocent, totally unfair punishment for these people.

As cost of this, the people in charge of the criminalistics team brings us a bad forensic science, unprofessional people. This seems bad, how is that the crucial evidence that would have proven the innocence of these people was only obtained after their execution. A bad system of justice, especially for the people that don’t have the resources for paying and defending themselves, this makes the people that really need the support of justice to not rely on it, when they badly need it.

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